Tuesday, February 5, 2013


My sweet youngest baby had surgery yesterday. Double hernia in his scrotum. Yup. In his balls.

Here he is at 6 am in his hospital gown. Sweet baby boy.

After they took him back to the OR at 8, Renzi and I anxiously waited in the waiting room with other parents. It felt like and eternity and all I did was stare at this board. Walker was number S2882.

The surgery only took about 45 minutes but man was I happy to get to hold this guy in my arms again.

He slept about 5 hours yesterday when we got home and when he woke up he ate enough for a small army of babies.

Today? Well...

He back to rebounding for his big brother.

Hoping this is the last surgery for the Stone boys! My heart just can't take it!! So thankful for knowledgable doctors for fixing my sweet boys *balls.*

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