Saturday, November 26, 2011

What's been going on...

It's been awhile since I last blogged and I thought I would post some pictures to update what's been going on with us the last few weeks.

Here's my little guy at his four year well check up. (Yes, totally late on this appointment, but that's how I roll. :)

I am happy to announce that Jackson is FINALLY considered "tall." He is in the 90th percentile for height and 85% percentile for weight. We've come a long way from when Jackson was born and was in the 10th percentile for height and weight. Over the years he has slowly crept up and he is now taller than 90 percent of 4 year olds.

Poor guy also had to get 4 vaccinations this time. It also was the first time for him to get them in his arm instead of his leg. He was such a champ and didn't even cry. I, on the other hand, bawled like a baby. I am such a wuss.

All was going well until the next evening Jackson started complaining that his arm hurt. I looked at it and this is what it looked like.

I kept an eye on it, but as the night went on his arm started to swell, a rash appeared, and his skin was tight and was burning up from his shoulder down to his elbow. He seemed fine, but I called the on call doc at our pediatrician's office anyway. They said that this was a normal reaction and to give him an anti-histamine, ibuprofen and a cold pack. Apparently, since the muscle in the arm is smaller than the muscle in the leg where most babies get their shots this can happen. After another 24 hours, all was fine....

In other nesting started to sink in and I led the charge in organizing every single cabinet and drawer in our house, as well as cleaning out every closet. This is significant because I have NEVER EVER EVER EVER wanted to do something like this before. My type A husband was beyond thrilled that I wanted to do these sorts of projects that he jumped in head first and was uber excited. We hired a handyman to come in and paint our guest room (which is now Jackson's room), move furniture, put together the crib and changing table, move the guest room furniture into the new guest room, and to fix a list of small things all across our house.

Here is a pic of the unfinished baby room...

Here is a pic of Jackson's new room...he picked out the paint all by himself. You can't see it but we had all of the doors painted red. It is very cool if I do say so myself! Oh and this is his room totally unfinished and bed not even made up. Wait until you see it now...I should have posted a pic of the finished room, but again...oh well!

After these projects were finished we headed to the lake last weekend. While we were there we made these cute Thanksgiving crafts that we used at Thanksgiving for centerpieces at my grandparents. I got the idea off of Pinterest.

We bundled up and went on many walks. Here are my loves on one of these said walks. Precious boys! Oh, and Annabelle.

Last week Jackson's school had Grandparent's and Special Friends Day. Jackson was so blessed to have his Nana (Renzi's mom), G-Daddy (my dad), Papa Lew (my step dad), and Grandma and Papaw (my grandparents, Jax's great grandparents) all there with him that day.

This pic is of Nana and Grandma and Jackson while Jackson was showing everyone around his classroom.

On Wednesday, we headed out to Clinton, Oklahoma to spend Thanksgiving with my dad's side of the family. We spent the night with my grandparents on Wednesday night.

When my little brother and I were kids my grandma would give us the JC Penny Catalog and have us circle the toys we wanted for Christmas. Since the JC Penny Catalog doesn't come anymore, she got out the ads from the Clinton paper and had Jackson circle his favorite things. It was so fun to see him doing something that we loved as kids.

This is Jackson and my sweet Papaw cuddling up on the couch. So precious. I love that Jackson gets to spend so much time with his great grandparents.

For our Thanksgiving meal we headed to the bank where my grandma used to work. Since our group has grown so large over the years, my grandma and her sister decided last year to rent out the conference room as opposed to having it at one of their houses and it has been so perfect. The next few pics are pics of our group chatting before the meal at the bank.

Jackson really enjoyed playing with his Uncle Matt, my brother.

After stuffing our faces Thursday we drove home late Thursday night. Friday, we had a fun afternoon with friends and then headed to the Devon Boathouse for the Boat Christmas Light Parade. It was so awesome! They had fireworks and then 20 boats in the parade. Here are my boys watching the lights.

Saturday was my dad's 60th birthday and we had a fabulous dinner out with my entire family, but I will post pics in another post. Happy Birthday to my dad!!!

And lastly, since we all know by now how late I am with is a pic of me this last week at 23 weeks. Remember when I said I was going to post weekly? Well, that obviously backfired. I am....and yes...this pregnant belly is HUGE! I seriously am at a loss as to where anymore will go in the next 16 weeks. Stay tuned I guess!

-Lee Anne

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Jackson Does the Robot Dance.

I'll admit...sometimes it's annoying when Jackson takes my phone and wants to play a game or listen to music on it. He inevitably moves apps around or takes pictures of our television or unflattering pictures of his dear sweet momma.

But, then sometimes....amazingness can happen when a child takes your phone.

I was just looking through my photos and I came across this video, which I had totally forgotten about.

We were having dinner at our friends The Peters' last Saturday night and it came up that Jackson knew how to do the "Robot." (You know, the robot dance???)

You see, I am kind of known by some of my high school and college friends for my car dances. I am probably the worst dancer in the entire world on the dance floor, but put me in a car and I will blow you away with my sweet moves.'s a pretty special talent that I have. ;) And of course, you KNOW, I had to pass this skill on to my dear sweet wee one. (You are welcome hubby). So, this dance is what we have been working on in the car lately.

Trying to get Jackson to do it in a big crowd is hard because he gets embarrassed (which is a new thing for him! Embarrassed! And sometimes he is even embarrassed by his parents! Oh how dreadful!). But Caden Peters got him to do the robot dance last weekend...and he had my phone as his hidden video camera and captured the whole thing.

Oh my lordy be. This is hilarious.

Sorry the quality of the video is not the best, but Caden did a pretty awesome job as videographer.

Love my talented Jackson Bieber Stone!