Sunday, December 22, 2013

Catching Up.

I may one of the most random bloggers ever. I blog a bunch, then...nothing. Here is a mish mash of what we have been up to the past few weeks.

The boys and I made our own homemade pizzas. Walker ate his and most of Jackson's. This kid eats. All. The. Time.

Jackson joined the Children's Choir at our church and has sang in two services recently. He does such a great job and is very serious about his singing.

This one has started climbing out of his crib. Like, literally flinging himself out of his crib. It scared me to death the other day when I was folding clothes in my room after I put him down for a nap and in walked Walker. Oh dear me. I think a big boy bed is in our future, but I do not want this one wandering around our house at all hours of the night with his newfound freedom. GRRRR.

My lovies the other day before school. Look at Walker's muscles! Seriously. No fat on this one!

I lost my keys the other day and found them. In the fridge. Awesome.

Walker and Bowman are two peas in a pod. This was a game they made up the other night where they reached into this lamp and pulled out the wine corks and had a contest to see who could throw them the farthest. They were so proud of themselves I couldn't bring myself to stop them. Until, of course, they knocked the lamp over and it broke into a million tiny pieces. Oops.

And....I got a new car! And yes, that's a truck! I always wanted one and my Armada finally went kaput, so Mr. Stone surprised me and came home with this beauty. I seriously love it so much and it is the coolest thing ever! You should see me in carpool. Hilarious.

Hubs and I saw Santa the other night. He even was kind enough to make a video on my phone for Jackson and Walker.

Would you look at these cuties? This was at the Saxum Holiday Party at Kitchen 324. Such a fun night with great people!

Walker ended up having a great time running around everywhere. I found him here under the table where the food was, eating his 10th JoNut. What's a jonut? Its amazingness. And totally non fat. Ha. Yeah right. Mom of the year.

In addition to Jackson joining the Children's Choir he was also a "Star" in the Christmas Play at our church. I was so proud of his dedication and commitment because they started practices and rehearsals at the first of Ocotober, every Sunday from 12:30-3 p.m. Of course, it was a precious play and I was so proud of my little man.

Walker walked out of the Christmas Play last Sunday and literally bounced off the sidewalk resulting in his second black eye.

He really only cried for like ten seconds and then was back running. He has blood dripping down his nose and face and he didn't care. Tough Guy!

I told Jackson last Monday to go get ready for basketball practice. I went to put Walker in the car and then went in to find out what was taking Jackson so long. Well....I found him drawing on himself with a Sharpie. He said he wanted to look like, "The Birdman," who plays in the NBA. Not my favorite person. Let's just hope sleeved tattoos are not in our future. It is almost a week later and we are still trying to scrub that stuff off.

Also last week we had a special surprise at our house! While having a few friends over for pizza our door opened and Santa and his elf Mistletoe walked in. What fun to see these kiddos faces.

Walker was terrified and refused to let go of his death grip on me, but Jackson was loving it. He even asked Santa for a trike. And then immediately almost cried because he said trike and not bike. We ended up writing a letter to Santa the next day explaining his mistake. Sweet Boy.

And on a side note, I came home the other morning from my 6 a.m. work out and Jackson was the only one awake. He was in the dining room drawing and writing letters. He told me he had written letters to the "troops who are over the seas" and wanted to send them to them before Christmas. I cried. 

He even wrote "R-ME" on the envelope and insisted he put it in the mailbox. I can't get enough of him.

The weather was awesome early last week (before the ice hit later in the week!) and we spent a lot of time outside. Walker would play outside every second if he could.

Walker and I stopped by Saxum the other day to pick up some things I had shipped there. Walker had the best time in his dad's chair.

He even had his mannerisms down and picked up the phone and said, "Hello? Hello? Yes, I Be There Soon. Bye."

And today....Ren took his mom to The Nutcraker and the boys painted a special painting for their dad for Christmas. Was cool to see how proud they each were of their paintings.

Have a Merry Merry Merry Christmas!!!!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A mish mash of stuff this week.

My hubby has been out of town all this week and Sunday night I got a wild hair and decided to take both boys to the Thunder game by myself. Brave me!!!

This was Walker's very first game and he rocked it!!!!

He got a bit restless right before halftime but it was nothing a little ice cream couldn't fix!

And.....out incredibly talented friend Shannon Love took our family photos a few weeks ago and we got our pics yesterday,

They are so amazing!!!!

I love my sweet family.

Missing my man! I am always reminded how helpful he is with EVERYTHING in our life when he is gone. I also think he's pretty hot so I miss him too!!! ;)

Saturday, November 30, 2013

It's the most wonderful time of the year!!!

Now that Thanksgiving is officially over we can move onto....The Holiday Season!

And what better way to get in the holiday spirit than going to the Christmas Tree Farm with our buddies!!!

Love these guys so much.

My own personal Paul Bunyan.

Football with our friends. Gorgeous day!!

We decorated our tree. This little goober had the best time and he broke no less than seven ornaments.

How cute is my hubby??????

My lovies decorating the tree.

Love pulling out old photog ornaments from years past.

And much fun is a big old box????

Merry Merry!!!!!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

So thankful.

There are moments in life when you feel as if your heart might burst because you are so happy.

Today was one of those days.

We had a wonderful thanksgiving celebration in Clinton with my grandma and a lot of our family. We were missing my sweet Papaw but made the most of our time together and told stories about him throughout the day. I love the easy, casualness of this side of my family. Everyone is laid back and just happy to be together. No pressure to do or be anywhere. No pressure to do anything really, but eat and hang. The very best kind of Thanksgiving if you ask me!

I am so incredibly thankful for these two turkeys. And I also wish we still got those old JC Penny catalogs from when I was a kid and I would sit for hours with a pen and circle the toys I loved. These two had to make do with some random pamphlets that came in the mail the other day. Jackson circled an inflatable candy came limbo set (what???) and walker circled some fake mustaches. Merry Christmas guys.

Ummmm I could just eat him up. So presh.

And this guy??? I can't take the cuteness!

Hope you all had a blessed holiday. Much love!

Lee Anne

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Hot Mess.

Yesterday we were all a hot mess.

There was a mouse IN MY SHOE at work. I kept my shoes and feet on my desk the rest of the day.

Walker refused to wear a diaper, or clothes for that matter, and insisted on walking around the house like this.

And I made Jackson eat quinoa. You would have thought I had poisoned the child.

By 7 pm everyone was cranky and grumpy so everyone went straight to bed. Sometimes Wednesdays are just hard y'all!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

A ninja and a DJ

Happy Halloween from the Stone boys!

We started the day in these costumes for school. Jackson is a ninja (not a terrorist!! Ha!) and Walker was Captain America.

After school Walker made an outfit change into DJ Lance from Yo Gabba Gabba, his favorite show.

Here is a pic of the show for reference purposes.

We had pizza over at the Jacks' and then went trick or treating. Baby Lincoln was pumped.

Walker, Jackson, Bowman and CJ. Best buds for life!

Afterwards Lincoln and Walker hung out together.

Sweet sweet babies.

Best Halloween ever!!!