Tuesday, April 30, 2013

New York!

We traveled to NYC this past weekend for a wedding of one of Renzi's buddies from college. Jackson, my little travel buddy got to come with us and I was so excited to show him around one of my favorite cities! When I worked for Pfizer many moons ago, our headquarters were in NYC so I would spend weeks at a time there and that's when I first fell in love with this beautiful place.
Here we are after just landing!

Friday evening we went to see Wicked on Broadway. Renzi's friend Cano's, the groom, fiancée Rhea is in the ensemble of Wicked so it was even more special to see her in action!

The whole thing was amazing and I had tears in my eyes after the first act. So much talent!
After the show we walked through Times Square...Jackson found one of his most favorite things. And in a life size version. Chocolate syrup for his chocolate milk. And no, I did not buy this.

Times Square selfie!

It's amazing what you find in Times Square. Here are just a few of Jackson's favorite people!

Saturday morning we met up at this wonderful breakfast spot called "Bubby's" in TriBeCa with my cousin, Christie, her husband, Yomi and their two kids, Julian (5) and Naomi (2). Christie and I are three days apart in age and we have always been two peas in a pod. Our grandmother used to call us "Snow White and Rose Red." We took to those names and then one day we thought, "who the heck is Rose Red??"

She grew up in Greensboro, NC and went to college at Cornell and then medical school at Duke and is currently a doctor at NYU. She is also preggers with her third baby! She's pretty much amazing. It was so special to have out kids bond and have a fab time together.

Here we are at the TriBeCa film festival.

See???? These boys are best friends.

Jackson insisted on getting to his hair spray painted. Orange.

They then had a dance off on one of the stages. Here is my shy child (ahem, cough, cough) front and center. He can really move!

After the festival we grabbed a late lunch and walked around more. Great day.

Sunday we woke up and Christie and fam met us at the Waldorf Astoria for their famous brunch and we headed out to the 9/11 Memorial. Here is the gorgeous Freedom Tower.

Inside the Memorial where the Twin Towers used to stand are these huge waterfalls that flow into smaller waterfalls that flows into even smaller ones. Surrounding the waterfalls are the names of each person that died in the towers. It's amazingly quiet and very peaceful.

The boys were very respectful and sweet while we were there.

After the memorial we hopped on a boat and did a harbor tour. Here are the three cuties checking out the skyline.

My cute hubby and oldest baby!

Love love love little Naomi. She makes me *almost* want to have another baby and for it to be a girl. I said almost people. Not happening. :)

Lady Liberty!!!

Cool dudes.

And....the gorgeous bride and groom! The reception was at a quaint little restaurant in Brooklyn. Aren't they fab?

Cano and Tim. Classic.

Love my Natalie!

And an outfit change for the bride! So pretty!

And afterwards....my lovies passed out! So tired!!!

Walker bear stayed home with Kayla....and he had a great time with her. We missed him sooo much but it was great spending one on one time with Jackson.

To sum up....I love NYC and would love to someday live there with my family! Hmmm....maybe someday!!!

Monday, April 22, 2013


This past weekend we had some of Renzi's family in town for my mother-in-law's birthday. We had the BEST time. I am so incredibly lucky to have such wonderful in laws. For reals. Mine rock.

Aunt Ginny, Uncle Dave and Miller came in on Wednesday night and Thursday morning we had a birthday breakfast for Vicki at Jimmy's Egg. Here are the kiddos in their "I Love My Nana" shirts.

And here the boys are with their Nana!

These two boys were so stinking cute together. Loved watching them play and play and play. They especially loved playing the piano together over and over again.

Thursday we went to the Science Museum after naptime. Based on the picture below, who do you think had more fun? The kids...Or Uncle Dave?

Jackson rode on the Segway, which I thought was his first time...turns out...he had done it before. Oops.

I thought this was the coolest activity ever! A life sized Light Brite! It was fun to see Jackson so into it, but also fun to see how the little ones could figure it out too. *Side note...hands down, best thing ever at the Science Museum (which has been there since I was a kid!) is the Shadow Box. We all spent way to much time in it. I may, or may not have done a handstand.

Vicki, blowing out her candles on one of her many birthday cakes! This one had Snickers on it. THE BEST.

Uncle Renzi and Miller horsing around. Love that Miller makes this kissy face.

The two boys hanging out at the door waiting to see who else is going to show up!

A little father son jam session.

And Walker wanted in on the jam session too.

What trip to the Stone house is complete without a baby dunk contest? Miller won.

And this totally cracked me up. Miller didn't want Walker to get in the car, so Walker decided to push him. Miller couldn't decide if he was happy about it or mad. So funny.

So, they finally got in the car together. Too too precious.

Uncle Grant came in on Friday evening. Here are the cute brothers and sisters with their nephews! Really missed Asher and Jake and Aunt Brooke!

And then there is this picture. Oh my stars, is he the cutest or what??!!!!

Such fun hanging with family. Wish we lived closer and could hang out all of the time. Love yall!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Spring Fever

I officially have Spring Fever!!! We had two freezing cold days last week with rain, sleet and ice. We even lost three trees in our front yard because of the ice! But thankfully, I think that was the last bit of cold we should see....so bring on the warm weather!

I went to Garden Ridge last week because they were having a half off sale. I scored this rug and two pillows for $30 total! Really spruces up our courtyard area!

We spent a lot of this weekend outside playing, what else...basketball! Jackson discovered that I could download the songs from High School Musical on my phone, so we brought the speaker outside so he could play basketball and listen to the tunes. This is him reenacting "Troy Bolton," in HSM 3 when he gets hurt in his basketball game while singing "Now, or Never." Seriously. That's what he is doing. He even sings the part of Gabriella when she goes, "TRRROOOYYY." It's quite hilarious.

Afternoon shoot around. See the trees missing behind the goal????

Saturday morning I looked over and saw Walker standing behind Jackson giving him a hug, unprompted. Presh!

I volunteered over the last 6 months to help Youth Services for Oklahoma County's gala, "Reach for the Stars." It was this Saturday night at the Skirvin. The turn out was awesome and I believe they raised a ton of money to help homeless teens. Great organization and the CEO, Debbie Forshee, is one of my Leadership Oklahoma City Classmates and also one of my most favorite people ever. If you are looking to get involved with an organization, YSOC is it!

We sat at Casi and JW's table and had a ball. Casi was the Co-Chair of the event and she did an amazing job!

The theme was 70's (40th year of YSOC) and they gave out this super fun rings that blinked on and off all night.

Yesterday, we went to Clinton to visit my grandparents and had lunch. We had a birthday party to go to at 3:00 p.m. back in OKC so we hurried back and had a ball! One of our friends, Andrew, turned 40 and they had a family birthday party at Harn Homestead. The barn was open with amazing food and drinks, there was a bounce house and tons of fun for the kids, and an amazing band playing. I think Walker had the best day of his life so far. He gnawed on chicken wings,drank lemonade, had chips and dip and ran around playing in the dirt. He also loves music and he was the hit of the dance floor shaking his booty left and right!

We looked over at one point and he had saddled right up to these girls. What a flirt!!!!

And what better way to end the weekend than with an injury. Yup, that's my foot. It started last week when I tripped over a curb at the outlet mall (BCBG was having a major sale. I got excited!). I then went to Yoga and had to leave class after 15 minutes because I couldn't stand on my left foot! I pushed through the weekend, but last night the foot pain had taken over. Renzi is insisting I go get an X-Ray, but I am determined to wait until Wednesday to see if the pain goes away. The pain is coming from the side of my foot but the pain is on the bottom when I walk. What could that be???? Grrr.....
Loving this Spring and all of the fun there is to come!