Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Butterfly's and Rainbows

My sweet Jackson came home from school the other day with this picture.

He said, "It's a rainbow butterfly Mom! A butterfly so we can always remember Isaiah, and a rainbow because its God's promise we will see him again in Heaven one day."

Those precious words were so simple and so profound.

This time of year I always look forward to spring because of our beautiful Redbud tree that we were given after Isaiah died. This is the time of year when the tree blooms so beautifully and I smile every time I see the blossoms.

I wait for the blossoms to come, however long they will stay and I treasure them as long as I can. I praise the God who gives life and I praise the God who takes it.

Isaiah would have been 4 this June and although it is hard not to think about what he would be doing with his brothers right now, what he would look like, who he would act like, I still know that our God is a sovereign one. And although I can't see what he sees, I know that it is all as it should be. And all is beautiful where my Zayah is.

This tree where my boys sit in front of in this picture is a reminder to us all, that life goes on. Time heals a lot, but doesn't erase the hurt. You learn to cope. Move on. But never forget.

May each of you cherish each day and always remember how much our God loves YOU.


sharonhofmann said...

Your faith is very encouraging. Your boys are very lucky to have you.

B. Young said...

Just beautiful.

The Daniel Family said...

Very sweet and you are so strong. Such a good Mom.