Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Some Friendly Advice....

Only feed your child Spaghetti-O's and the tube Go Gurt when they are in need of a bath because THIS is what your child will look like afterwards. :)

At the Airport

While at the airport picking up Grandmother the other day, Jackson and I decided to take a seat and do some tricks.....

The making of a Future Baller

Renzi and I took Jackson to Gymboree the other day and we looked over and Jackson had gone over to the basketball hoop, picked up a ball, and was "dunking" it. Neither Renzi, nor I had taught Jackson how to do this...I guess some things are just "known." :) Uncle Tim and Aunt Natalie bought Jackson his first basketball goal for our house, so morning and afternoon drills have begun. 

Christmas Day!

Jackson loves his cousin Nathan.
Jackson with his cousin Nathan and Cousin Kaitlynn.

We had such a great Christmas Day! Jackson gave his mom and dad the best present ever by sleeping until 9 a.m.! Whoo hoo! We then checked out what Santa brought and Jackson was fascinated by the car/train set that Santa brought him. He loved the battery operated cars. Renzi made breakfast casserole and crumb cake so we munched on that while we opened gifts. After that we went over to my mom's house for more presents and lunch. Such a fun day! Thanks everyone!

Christmas Eve!

Papaw reading to Jackson
Jackson opening up his truck from Uncle Matt
My sweet Grandparents.

Jackson on his new bike!

GDaddy and Jackson
Dad and Jackson walking to Church.

What a whirlwind the last week has been. Such fun and such blessings for our family. I will start this post with Christmas Eve....We went to the early evening church service (the candle lighting/family service), then headed over to my dad and Saundra's for our annual Christmas Eve celebration. We had a yummy dinner of chili and tamales and for dessert we had a fabulous cake to celebrate my grandparents 58th wedding anniversary. Jackson had a ball and really enjoyed opening presents and playing with everyone. Thanks to Dad, Saundra, Matt, Grandma and Papaw for a great evening!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Sleigh Ride!

Last night our neighborhood had a sleigh ride pulled by horses, Becky and Betty, around the neighborhood. There was hot chocolate and cookies and we got a chance to look at Christmas lights. Tim and Natalie came with us. So much fun!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Jackson had his Christmas Party at Mother's Day Out today and had a ball! He danced and sang and ate lots of cookies and cheese. Above is a picture of his teachers, Miss Meghan and Miss Jessie. Thanks to these lovely ladies for taking such good care of my little guy. The other picture is of Jackson giving the statue outside of his classroom a kiss. He also likes to give the Jesus a "high five," so I took a video of it and I posted that as well! I also posted a video of Jackson and Renzi on the slide at Pump it Up at my nephew's 4th birthday party. 
Much love!
Lee Anne

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I have to show you all this video...my man is hilarious.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Listen to this.....

So I took Jackson to his 15 month well check up appointment yesterday....they did his height and weight and you all will never believe this......He is only 31.5 inches and 21.4 pounds....he hasn't grown that much in the last 3 months (even though he eats ENTIRE chicken breasts and entire cans of peas at one sitting)!...the doctor told me that at age 2 you can usually gage just how tall a person is going to be with some mathamatical equation. So..the doctor looked at the chart that shows how Jackson compares to other kiddos....and he is 50% in height and he said that if Jackson "stays the same," meaning, if he slowly creeps up the height scale, that Jackson may only be average height....which is 5'10 for a man. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME????? HAVE YOU SEEN HOW TALL MY HUSBAND AND I ARE???? Surely a growth spurt will come soon....