Monday, August 31, 2015

Jackson Stone is 8 years old.

My precious Jackson James Stone.

Today. You are 8. 8 years old!!!!!

How did that even happen???

You have had a wonderful year. You finished first grade at Westminster. You can read anything and everything. You are a whiz at math. You love science and experimenting on things we use in every day life. You just started second grade last week and I know this will be an even better year. You love school and always have.

You are such a good friend. You have such a wonderful group of diverse friendships from so many different activities in your life. I love watching you "hold court" over a group and keep everyone organized and ready for any game you all are playing. You have such a special and unique ability to bring people together to serve one purpose-all the while making sure each person feels just as special as the person next to them. My heart bursts watching you be a leader.

You love all sports, but specifically you love baseball, basketball and soccer. Your hand eye coordination has always been unreal and that came in handy this year when you started pitching machine baseball. You are an incredible batter and you can throw a baseball better than most kiddos your age. You can shoot a basketball from any spot on the court and you make about 99% of them-even at the 10 foot goals...which you started playing with this year.

You are still the baby whisperer. All of our friends with kids younger than you love having you around because their babies love you! You are so kind and gentle to them and you always show so much patience while caring for them. They all look up to "JJ" and I hope and pray that you will always remember all of the "little eyes" who are watching your every move. I know you will teach them all how to be kind and caring, a good teammate, and a good student.

You are the very best big brother in all of the land!!!! I have to pinch myself sometimes because of how much of a help you are all the time with Walker. He, of course, thinks you can do no wrong and I secretly love listening to him copy whatever it is you are saying or you are doing. I am so thankful for you my love and for always doing the right thing.

I want you to know that you are the joy to my life! You make me so proud every moment of every day and I love each stage of life I get to do with you. You make me smile and laugh and I love seeing your goofy side. I also love to watch you dance! You are incredible at dancing and I know you did not get that from me. :)

I love you to the moon and back and just like I say every night as I kiss you to bed, "I pray God's blessings on you always."
Love, Mommy.