Sunday, August 18, 2013


Last weekend we headed to our lake house at Grand Lake and decided to stay a few extra days for a "lakecation" for the last week of summer. Renzi worked from his Tulsa office on Monday and the boys and I headed to Grove, Oklahoma for a day of fun.

We found a park where this little toot made me think we might be headed to the ER at any moment because of his daredevil ways.

So presh. Seriously, why does Jackson look like a teenager here?

The park also was next to a splash pad and the boys had a ball.

Tuesday, Renzi worked from the lake house and we spent most of the morning at the pool. Walker ate this entire bag of Doritos himself. #momoftheyear

My little fishies.

After naps we did some coloring which lasted approximately 1 minute and 30 seconds.

When I realized coloring was not going to work I loaded everyone up and we found an inflatable indoor park. Ah-maze-balls.

And ice cream was a must after jumping around for two hours. I'm still trying to get that ice cream off that shirt.

Speaking of shirts....I took walkers clothes off as soon as we got back to the lake house with the intent on getting him straight in the bath. But guess who had other plans and took off completely naked. In public.

Again, #momoftheyear.

Wednesday we packed up and headed for home but made a stop at the Tulsa Aquarium. Walker is hilarious and ran up to every fish tank yelling, "Moooo!!!" Or "Roar!!!" Still working on our animal sounds clearly.

We stopped for pizza afterwards.

And out of a medium pizza, this is what the two boys left for me to eat. One piece. They ate almost the entire thing themselves.

Thursday and Friday we played, went to the gym, swam and went for more ice cream runs of course! It's the only time they both sit still for extended periods of time at the same time.

Friday night Jackson had a birthday party where they insisted you drop off your kids and go do something fun! So that's just what my friend Laura and our hubby's and I did!

Then, this morning after church we popped over to see Isaiah. I will always make sure this is a priority for the boys. Always talk about him and never forget him.

Tomorrow is Jackson's first day of kindergarten! Sniff, sniff. Gonna need some waterproof mascara in the morning for me!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Last week of summer!

This is the official last week of summer here at the Stone house! Next Monday my Jackson starts kindergarten. KINDERGARTEN!!! Wait, how did that even happen???!! Wasn't he just a baby...ummm...yesterday???

This week we are soaking up the last bit of summer break together.

Here is a bit of what we were up to last week:
Jackson was in a day camp last week at Oklahoma Children's theatre. They did a performance from the broadway musical and movie, "Newsies." He did such a fab job and we were all so proud!

Here he is with his group doing a dance to, "Seize the Day."


The other morning Jackson had a case of the grumps and was annoyed with all of us. He went to his room and made this sign which is supposed to say, "Keep Out." Bless his sounding out the words heart. For the rest of the weekend Renzi and I would randomly shout out, "Ce Pot!" (Don't worry, J had no idea what we were saying.)

We are also in the throws of some major toddler meltdowns. Can you tell?

Walker has quite the personality and is not shy to let you know EXACTLY how he is feeling at any given moment. It can be quite frustrating as a parent but I know this season doesn't last too long and soon he will be able to tell us what he needs instead of screaming at us. And then you look up and he is crashed out and you *almost* forget how loud the last few minutes had just been. *almost.* ha!!!

I'm going to miss the lazy summer days but I really am looking forward to seeing the littles learn and grow this year. In addition to Jackson being in kindergarten, Walker will be in the 18 month-2 year old class at Mother's Day Out and I love that class. Jackson learned so much there and every time he was there he came home singing a new song or had learned a new skill or bible verse. I love that Walker will get to do this too! Walker and I will also be doing a mommy and me gymnastics class which should be interesting to say the least. Jackson is also playing soccer and flag football this fall so it should be pretty busy but oh so fun!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Happy Thursday!

Happy Thursday!

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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Toys R Us

Never going there again.

Meltdown city for everyone.

That's all.