About Me And This Blogging Journey

Hello and welcome to my blogging world! I am a wife, mommy and the Youth Director for Leadership Oklahoma. www.leadershipoklahoma.com
We live in Oklahoma City and I truly think it is one of the greatest places to live.

I have the world's greatest friends and family and I feel so blessed by this life that God has given me.

I started blogging in 2008 when my oldest son, Jackson, turned 1 as a way to keep in touch with family and friends who lived in other places. The blog really turned into something else when my second son, Isaiah, was born. Jackson was 20 months old when Isaiah was born and life turned crazy having two kiddos under the age of 2.

When Isaiah was 4 months old he had his first seizure and it lasted 22 minutes. We saw doctor after doctor and had test after test done and finally, when Isaiah was 7 months old, and after multiple seizures and multiple hospital stays all over the country he was diagnosed with epilepsy. This blog then turned into a way to let our friends and family know how things were going while we were in the hospital and how things were going with his health.

Sadly, in May of 2010 when Isaiah was 11 months old he died in his sleep after having a massive seizure. Again, this blog changed. It became a place where I could share with others how we were coping, grieving and how we were learning to be a family of 3 again. The outpouring of love and prayers that have come from this blog are beyond anything I could have ever dreamed of and I am so thankful and encouraged for each person that reads this blog.

We are so thrilled to announce that after much prayer we decided to try for another baby and Walker Seth Stone was born February 28, 2012 at 5:01 p.m. 3 weeks early and weighing in at 8 lbs. 7 oz.! We are so excited to have another precious son and we know that Isaiah is smiling down on all of us and is happy to be a big brother as well.

My hope and prayer for each of you who read this is to take each day and make it the best it could possibly be. Cherish each moment that you have with someone because you may never know when it will be your last. Isaiah taught us all so much about life and how to love so deeply. And to never be afraid to love, because in the end, it's the only thing that matters.

With Love,
Lee Anne