Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Things that happened over the last week.

Here are a few funnies that have happened in my life the past few weeks.

Exhibit A: Walker Stone

Poor buddy had a cavity. Yes. A cavity! What kind of a mother am I??? Well, that's how I felt anyway. I've never had a cavity, Renzi has never had a cavity, and Jackson has never had a cavity. When the dentist told me I started crying and put my head on his shoulder. He is not a touchy feely kind of person so I am sure his red flags went sky high, but whatevs.

So, we went in a week later to get his cavity filled. And poor sweet bud bit his lip while it was numb, thus resulting in a bubba gump lip. And it was HILARIOUS. I could not stop taking pictures. Thankfully, he was not hurting, but that lip was so flipping funny to see! 

 Exhibit B: I think I must sit in chairs the wrong way because something seems to always be happening in the chairs I sit in. Like this one:
 I was just minding my own business leaning way back getting my hair done and BAM. #oops

Exhibit C: Yes, that is my butt print in the chair. Don't even ask how that happened. I have no idea.

Exhibit D: Apparently, this is an appropriate place for Walker to put his gum when he is finished with it.

Exhibit E: Came home from a day of working, running errands, working out and saw this. Last one out the door was Jackson. Thanks buddy! It was open all day. And I am not going to tell you who left the garage open. (It may or may not have been me.)

Exhibit F: Scrolling through my pictures on my phone last night from the boys and my trip to California this past weekend for my niece's first birthday and I find this. Thanks J!

Exhibit G: And then today. I spent all morning in my office with my dress on inside out. WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH ME????

Hope you enjoyed my shenanigans. Hope to post more of these more often lately and more pics and stories of my crazy, awesome, amazeballs family and our adventures!