Saturday, December 12, 2009

Update on Isaiah

We have been admitted into the Epilepsy Specialty Monitoring unit at Texas Children’s Hospital for the week of January 4th. Our pediatric neurologistDr. Jennifer Norman, trained there and regards this particular unit as the best in the country for pediatric epilepsy. Our physician will be Dr. Angus Wilfong.


While there, Isaiah will continually be hooked up to a video EEG which gets a constant reading on his brain activity. He has done two, one hour EEG’s here in Oklahoma City. Both read normal, but both occurred while he was not in a seizure. The idea is that over several days, he will have a seizure and/or abnormal brain activity and we will better understand his condition. Regardless, we would hope to have an accurate diagnosis at the conclusion of our stay, including an appropriate treatment plan.


This past week has been a challenge. He had two seizures, one on Saturday and one on Monday. Today, he had tubes but in both ears in an effort to end the ear infections that have accounted for the majority of his fevers which has resulted in a majority of his seizures. Jackson has tubes in both ears and has never had another ear infection. Isaiah has also not been sleeping or eating well on a daily basis. Several nights this past week have been all-nighters. Lee Anne and I will remind him of the inappropriateness of this later in life – likely when he is a teenager and trying it again.


We choose to remain positive and are having good and bad days. The good days have been great. The bad days stink. We love each of you and will keep you updated. We have faith and know that the good Lord is watching over our baby boy and going to heal him. We ask that you continue to pray for his health and strength for his mommy and daddy. 



Renzi, Lee Anne, Jackson and Isaiah