Monday, September 23, 2013

The Jackson and Walker Chronicles.

I feel like life just keeps buzzing on by and I forget to blog. I want to remember these moments so much so here is a catch up in photos and stories!

Now that Bowman Jack and his parents and baby brother Lincoln live in our neighborhood (from California!) we have been getting the chance to hang out a lot! Bowman started the 3 Day program at Westminster this year and Alli and I have been helping each other out when needed and picking up the munchkins from school. Last week we had Bowman with us and we hit up one of our favorite spots...Orange Leaf! The boys are so stinking cute together and I just love listening to Bowman talk. He sits in the back of the car next to Jackson and pats his back and tells Jackson how much he loves him and imitates everything we all say. Love him!

We had a fun surprise this past week when Aunt Ginny and Baby TJ came in town!!! Ginny had her last week of maternity leave so she decided to come visit her mom and us! Jackson just loves babies and he calls himself the baby whisperer. He just loves to hold TJ and burp him, even when he doesn't need a burp. Ha! Walker is fascinated by TJ and has even learned to put his finger to his mouth and say, "Shhhhh...." Cute.

And here is Walker acting like the kid from Parenthood. Remember that movie???

Nothing much sweeter in life than a baby asleep in your arms! Love being an Aunt to all of these boys!

I love this picture of Walker in a hat. He is just too much. I call him Pig the character from Charlie Brown. He is just so messy and wild and funny and out of control and messy and messy and messy! ha! He is talking more and more and I love to hear him learn something new. His favorite thing to say is Thank You. But what I love most about him saying Thank You is that he says it in the total wrong he will hand me something and say Thank you! He will throw a ball at your face and yell, "Thank you!" He will smack Annabelle and yell, "Thank you!" What a goober

Jackson had his school carnival last Friday and he had the best time running around with his friends. Here he is at the Doughnut pull. He just makes me laugh so hard all of the time. He told me the other day in the car after school that he had started a gang. I have learned to not jump to conclusions with him and to let him talk and explain (instead of immediately freaking out like I normally would!). He told me that he and his "gang" meet out on the playground every day and have meetings. After further investigation and letting him talk, turns out this "gang" he started is all inclusive so everyone is invited and they meet on the playground to try to stamp out "bad friend behavior." They want everyone to have a good time at school and not feel like they can't have fun and they don't want anyone to encounter a bully. Oh my goodness gracious. How sweet is that???? We have tried to get him to change the term "gang" to something more like "team." Can you imagine the parents reactions when their kid comes home from school and they tell them they are in a gang that Jackson Stone started? Oh dear!

These two are forever stealing my heart. At the grocery store yesterday Jackson asked me if I thought everyone at Whole Foods was going to think he was Justin Timberlake. Ummm...ok? And speaking of groceries....we have been trying to make sure we expand our kids food choices....well, mainly Jackson because Walker will eat anything...but Jackson has become quite picky in his old age, so we have been trying to involve more veggies in his diet. One new thing he has been trying is Cheeseburgers...I know that doesn't sound really healthy but I actually make him turkey burgers but don't tell him it's turkey. I also tell him he has to have a veggie on his burger but tell him he can have ketchup on it. The other day I accidentally put mayo on his burger and he yelled out, "MOM! Hold up! There is whipped cream on my burger!"

My sweet hubby snapped this photo of Jax and I the other night when we fell asleep talking. I love chatting with him after his bedtime story and prayers at night but I guess we both wore each other out talking. Ha! I love that he has his hand on my face.

And the outfits. I never want to forget this crazy boy's outfit choices. Today he had on a bandanna around his head. I didn't even know we owned a bandanna. I just let him be him I guess!

Love this time in our lives right now. Feeling so fulfilled and so happy. Work is good. Kids are good. I love my husband more and more every day. Don't get me wrong, it's not like every day is sunshine and roses, but I can't help but feel so incredibly blessed by this life God has given to me. Thank you Lord!!!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Yoga, artwork and cologne.

Just doing some yoga and handstands with Dad. NBD.

Jackson brought home this picture from school and said it was our family. "Mom, you're the brown one." Ummm...ok?

And in other artwork...this came home the other day in Jackson's tote bag from as school. He said it was from two girls. What the what??!!!

Today he decided he needed to wear cologne to school.

And Walker quickly followed suit.

These boys keep me on my toes. Sounds like I may need to start fighting off some girls soon. :)

Friday, September 6, 2013


We had as small birthday party for Jackson with a few of his buddies from his basketball team.

We got a hotel room in Bricktown and the boys swam, ate pizza, had cookie cake...

And walked to the ballpark where "Epic" was playing on the big screen so the boys laid on a blanket and watched the movie under the stars.

Pretty much a perfect birthday party if you ask me. Love doing life with these sweet friends for my Jackson!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

My letter to Jackson on his 6th birthday.

To my dearest Jackson on your 6th birthday,
       6! 6 years old!

You turned 6 on August 31, 2013 and I can hardly believe another year has passed.

I feel like I blinked and you went from this teeny tiny 5 pound baby in the picture below.

To my 52 pound, 50 inches tall little man!

Oh what joy you bring to my life each and every day.

Here are some highlights from your last year:

-You went through your last year of Pre-K and excelled with flying colors. Your teacher described you as, "The dream student." You became even more of a leader than you were before, but such a tender hearted leader at that. You constantly helped others and encouraged your friends to do their best!
-You have started to learn how to read! It blows my mind to watch you sound out words and I love seeing your satisfied face when you get a word right.
-You became quite a fish in the pool! You can swim on your own and you have figured out how to do somersaults underwater and flips into the pool. Scares me to death, but you've got this!
-You played your second year of T-Ball with some of your classmates, 3 on 3 soccer with your soccer team that you have been with since you were 3, played spring and summer basketball with an amazing group of young boys and your dad was one of the coaches, and you just started playing flag football. So many sports, so little time. I love watching you encourage your teammates and showcase your talents!
-You traveled to: Colorado Springs (twice!), Washington D.C., Annapolis, Maryland; New York City, Mexico and China!
-You lost two teeth!
-You went to Kanakuk Kampout and you got the I'm Third Award. Amazing.

And those are just SOME of the highlights.

Day in and day out I continue to thank God for the gift of YOU! What an honor it is to be your momma.

Your confidence in yourself and who you are is so inspiring! From picking out your own outfits, reminding me to "not forget my purse," to never being too shy to say hello to a new person, you are the perfect mix of your daddy and me.

Your little brother still thinks you hung the moon. Do you see how he mimics what you do every day all day? He looks up to you so much and I am so thankful for the love you both have for eachother. I find myself daily tearing up when I see your gentleness with him, or the way he looks at you with that big ol' smile on his face that he reserves only for you! I pray that you two will always have eachother and always be the best of friends.

You started kindergarten last week and already you are learning so much! Keep up the good work my love.

Always know that I am here for you always. I am forever changed because of you!

I love you THIIIIIISSSSSS much (to infinity and beyond),

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Jackson started kindergarten.


He came out of his room on the first day of school dressed in a suit and tie. Hair slicked over in an old man comb over kind of style.

Said he wanted to look fancy for the first day and he would go back to basketball clothes the next day.


Love that kid so much.