Friday, August 15, 2014

Walker's First Day of Preschool!

After almost 7 years of having my kiddos at the same Mother's Day Out (and driving ridiculous amounts of miles and spending too much time carpooling everyone to their schools and trying to get to my office in between there), I decided to move Walker to a different school for Preschool which is closer to Jackson's school and my office. He started at Erna Crouch yesterday and it was so stinking cute!

 We talked up the new school and his backpack for a long time leading up to this day. Jackson has always been my independent, "peace out mom," kiddo. Never crying when I left him anywhere, always happy to be social and meet new people. Walker, on the other hand, is a bit more cautious when it comes to these things so I have learned to prepare him a bit more for new people and things. Needless to say, he was PUMPED about his new school.
 All four of us rode together to go and drop Walker off for his first day. I mean...pull at my heartstrings they are all so cute.
 Jackson was so very encouraging to Walker and was so excited to get to go with us to take Walker to school. And Walker was super excited to have Jackson with us as well. Walker has a locker in his classroom and you are supposed to bring a family pic to put in the locker so they will know which one is their locker. Walker chose a pic of he and Jackson to put in his was really sweet.
 Off he goes! I mean...doesn't he look like he is off to kindergarten??????
 Jackson doesn't start school until this next Monday, so he and I had a morning together. I took Jackson to get his first pedicure...basically because I needed and wanted one so I convinced him he wanted one too.
 It was one of the most entertaining mornings ever. He chatted it up with all of the nail techs and when he couldn't understand what they were saying he just rolled with it and kept talking about basketball.
When we picked up Walker at 11:30 we peeked in his room and he was sitting on the carpet with his class and they were singing songs. I was awestruck staring at my baby boy and seeing how grown up he looked. I was also proud that he was actually sitting on the carpet and not running around the room like a wild banshee like he normally does all of the time at home! Ha! He said he had so much fun and said he can't wait to go back today. Yay!!! I took this pic last night as we were reading books in my bed. I just feel so grateful to get to spend my life with these boogers.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Monkey See Monkey Do

When I had Walker I worried that because Jackson and Walker were not super duper close in age that they might not have that "bond" I had hoped they would. Isaiah and Jackson were only 20 months apart and to go from having two kiddos that close in age to an age gap of 4 and a half years, I just hoped and prayed that Walker and Jackson would be buddies like I know Isaiah and Jackson were and would have continued to be. 

I can not even express how amazing Jackson and Walker's bond is. It's like they are just far enough apart that Jackson rarely gets annoyed with Walker, but just close enough in age that now they can actually play games together, have cute conversations with eachother, and hang together pretty darn well.

Walker will do WHATEVER Jackson tells him to do....and Jackson is TOTALLY aware of this, but....It's really cute to see them interact together. He copies basically everything Jackson says. He mimics his every move. And when Jackson is not with us there is the constant, "Where Jackson go? I want Jackson here. Where Jackson go Mommy? Where Jackson go Mommy?" Sometimes I respond with, "I don't know Walker, where is Jackson?" Which is met with the correct answer as to where Jackson is. I think Walker just likes saying Jackson's name.

I love watching Walker copy EVERYTHING Jackson says or does. (Yes, at times it is annoying! But it still makes me laugh!) He wants to be big so bad and Jackson reminds Walker on the daily that when he "gets big like Jackson, that Jackson will help show him how do play baseball, make friends, etc."

This summer has been one of the best summers of my entire life. I have loved having "adventures" with my boys and watching them grow, learn and interact. I love how even in pictures you can see how Walker wants to be just like his brother!

He even wants to dress just like Jackson. This was at the zoo last week and we looked over and Walker had taken Jackson's hat, turned it backwards and put Jackson's sunglasses on. Upside down. So stinking cute.

And then there was this....after a long morning and early afternoon of playing with friends at the downtown splash pad I looked back and I saw this. My heart melted into a puddle of mush. I am so thankful that we decided to try again after Isaiah died and have another baby. And I thank God for these precious moments between brothers!