Monday, November 17, 2014

Dear Future Daughter In Law(s)

I recently read a post on another person's blog titled "A letter to my future daughter in law."

It inspired me to write one as well. EEK. Here goes nothing!

Dear Future Daughter in Law(s):


I'm your wicked mother in law. Just kidding. I think. :)

As I write this letter to you both, your future husband is either (a) running up and down the hallway yelling and not wearing pants or (b) running laps in our cul de sac because he "wants to work on his fitness for when he is drafted number one pick in the first round of the NBA."

Let me tell you just a little about what these boys mean to me.

They hold my heart in the palm of their hands. They challenge me daily. They bring such joy to my face and joy to my heart. They wear me the freak out. I would do anything and everything for them.

When each of them were born, I remember holding them and praying over them. Praying that I "wouldn't screw this up," that I "would be the mom God wanted me to be." I had no idea what I was doing,  yet I felt like I knew everything. And then we left the hospital. Ha!

I love this verse: "Make him a man among men. A leader among leaders. Make him strong, resilient, brave, loving and humble. Make him a good man in a storm."

My responsibility as a mom is to show and teach my sons a life filled with the Gospel. A life filled abundantly with the Lord. I need to teach them to stand on their own two feet, but make sure they know that they are never alone in anything they do because God is with them always.

I want you to know that Jackson is gentle, yet firm. Kind, yet full of leadership. And empathetic beyond all comprehension. He just KNOWS people. He just KNOWS feelings. And he just KNOWS how to interact and teach people and love people and...he's just so amazing.

I want you to know that Walker is loud, yet shy. Loving and trustworthy. He loves people yet needs to be alone sometimes. And this one...whoo wee. He's going to move mountains with his persuasion skills and smile. He just KNOWS how to move people and turn them into puddles of goo on the floor. He's also just so amazing.

My prayer for you is that you know Jesus. That you want Jesus in your marriage, in your kid's lives. That you know that family is everything. That you have the love for your husband as I know he will have for you.

Always know my intentions are good. I've never had a daughter, so this is new to me. My heart will also hold YOU in the palm of my hand. I will always be there for you. You are our family too.

I will be the best grandma on the planet. I will insist after one month after you have a baby that I come over and stay up with the baby for the night. At least once a week. I will insist you shut your door and sleep. Don't worry about a thing. Just sleep. :)

I will love you like you are my own. love my own.

You, my precious daughter in law. YOU are special.

Your Mother In Law. (AKA Lee Anne) (AKA Grandma Lee Lee) :)

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Happy Halloweenie!!!

Happy Halloweenie from Harry Potter and Buzz Lightyear!!
What fun we had this year....trick or treating, eating dinner with fun friends before, school parties, candy, etc. 

Walker had so much fun he demanded we go trick or treating again the minute he woke up the next morning.

And then, as I was looking through pics I zeroed in on this pic. Ole Harry is apparently trying to put a spell on some poor kid. Bahhaaa!!!!