Sunday, May 31, 2009

Do not adjust your computers....

This is now how Jackson watches TV. Wierdo.

Memorial Day Weekend!

We spent Memorial Day weekend at our lakehouse at Grand Lake. So much fun! We spent time with good friends in the neighborhood, cooked out, took the boat out, ate lots of great food, took naps, and just relaxed. Here are some fun pics from the weekend. Funny note, everytime we turn the boat on, Jackson falls fast asleep...sometimes even sitting up! (as you can see in the pic of him sitting on Renzi's lap). It's really quite funny. The video is of Jack Regan and Jackson out on a "walk" with their daddies. Amazing what happens when the mom's are not around. Can you guess what they jumped on and had the wagon being pulled by? 

Sadly, we won't be back at the lake until at least July 4th weekend, because Isaiah is coming soon! :) 2 weeks from tomorrow and we will get to meet our new little man! 

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Soooo Big!

Most of you will remember this picture from last was actually on Jackson's first birthday party invitation. Well, here he is...almost a year later in the same pose saying..."Sooo Big!" I can't believe how much my boy has grown up in a year! Enjoy this video of Jackson and Cali in the pool last weekend as well. :)

FAT S and Saturday in the pool!

We had a ton of fun last weekend at our house! We had our first FATS (friday at the Stones!). We had the Hesketts and the Peters over for burgers and fun. These are some of the pictures from Friday night....where the kids went "skinny dipping" and had watermelon. I love it that Summer time is almost here!

Saturday was spent outside and Jackson and Dad had their first swim...even though it was freezing in the water! Jackson did not like swimming as much as last year, but we are hoping he will change his mind soon. :)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

New Due Date!

So, I went to the doctor today for my two week check up....and it looks like our newest little man will be gracing us with his presence a little earlier than expected! Dr. Nelson is going to perform my C-Section Monday, June 15th. So, that means.....exactly one month until we get to meet baby Isaiah! And, she's expecting this baby to be a BIG one...she said she wouldn't be surprised if this baby isn't 9 plus pounds...eek! (guess that c-section may come in handy after all!). Please pray for a safe and smooth last month of pregnancy and delivery for our precious second baby. God has truely blessed us with Jackson and I just can not wait to add another precious boy to our family.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Severely Pregnant.

Someone just asked me at the post office if I was having twins.
That's awesome.
No. I am not.
I am just carrying a very large little boy.
I am really pregnant.
That's all I have to say about that.