Thursday, May 14, 2009

New Due Date!

So, I went to the doctor today for my two week check up....and it looks like our newest little man will be gracing us with his presence a little earlier than expected! Dr. Nelson is going to perform my C-Section Monday, June 15th. So, that means.....exactly one month until we get to meet baby Isaiah! And, she's expecting this baby to be a BIG one...she said she wouldn't be surprised if this baby isn't 9 plus pounds...eek! (guess that c-section may come in handy after all!). Please pray for a safe and smooth last month of pregnancy and delivery for our precious second baby. God has truely blessed us with Jackson and I just can not wait to add another precious boy to our family.

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Emily Sue Orrick said...

That is awesome!!! I can't wait to meet him either. Love you all!