Monday, April 15, 2013

Spring Fever

I officially have Spring Fever!!! We had two freezing cold days last week with rain, sleet and ice. We even lost three trees in our front yard because of the ice! But thankfully, I think that was the last bit of cold we should bring on the warm weather!

I went to Garden Ridge last week because they were having a half off sale. I scored this rug and two pillows for $30 total! Really spruces up our courtyard area!

We spent a lot of this weekend outside playing, what! Jackson discovered that I could download the songs from High School Musical on my phone, so we brought the speaker outside so he could play basketball and listen to the tunes. This is him reenacting "Troy Bolton," in HSM 3 when he gets hurt in his basketball game while singing "Now, or Never." Seriously. That's what he is doing. He even sings the part of Gabriella when she goes, "TRRROOOYYY." It's quite hilarious.

Afternoon shoot around. See the trees missing behind the goal????

Saturday morning I looked over and saw Walker standing behind Jackson giving him a hug, unprompted. Presh!

I volunteered over the last 6 months to help Youth Services for Oklahoma County's gala, "Reach for the Stars." It was this Saturday night at the Skirvin. The turn out was awesome and I believe they raised a ton of money to help homeless teens. Great organization and the CEO, Debbie Forshee, is one of my Leadership Oklahoma City Classmates and also one of my most favorite people ever. If you are looking to get involved with an organization, YSOC is it!

We sat at Casi and JW's table and had a ball. Casi was the Co-Chair of the event and she did an amazing job!

The theme was 70's (40th year of YSOC) and they gave out this super fun rings that blinked on and off all night.

Yesterday, we went to Clinton to visit my grandparents and had lunch. We had a birthday party to go to at 3:00 p.m. back in OKC so we hurried back and had a ball! One of our friends, Andrew, turned 40 and they had a family birthday party at Harn Homestead. The barn was open with amazing food and drinks, there was a bounce house and tons of fun for the kids, and an amazing band playing. I think Walker had the best day of his life so far. He gnawed on chicken wings,drank lemonade, had chips and dip and ran around playing in the dirt. He also loves music and he was the hit of the dance floor shaking his booty left and right!

We looked over at one point and he had saddled right up to these girls. What a flirt!!!!

And what better way to end the weekend than with an injury. Yup, that's my foot. It started last week when I tripped over a curb at the outlet mall (BCBG was having a major sale. I got excited!). I then went to Yoga and had to leave class after 15 minutes because I couldn't stand on my left foot! I pushed through the weekend, but last night the foot pain had taken over. Renzi is insisting I go get an X-Ray, but I am determined to wait until Wednesday to see if the pain goes away. The pain is coming from the side of my foot but the pain is on the bottom when I walk. What could that be???? Grrr.....
Loving this Spring and all of the fun there is to come!

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