Monday, April 22, 2013


This past weekend we had some of Renzi's family in town for my mother-in-law's birthday. We had the BEST time. I am so incredibly lucky to have such wonderful in laws. For reals. Mine rock.

Aunt Ginny, Uncle Dave and Miller came in on Wednesday night and Thursday morning we had a birthday breakfast for Vicki at Jimmy's Egg. Here are the kiddos in their "I Love My Nana" shirts.

And here the boys are with their Nana!

These two boys were so stinking cute together. Loved watching them play and play and play. They especially loved playing the piano together over and over again.

Thursday we went to the Science Museum after naptime. Based on the picture below, who do you think had more fun? The kids...Or Uncle Dave?

Jackson rode on the Segway, which I thought was his first time...turns out...he had done it before. Oops.

I thought this was the coolest activity ever! A life sized Light Brite! It was fun to see Jackson so into it, but also fun to see how the little ones could figure it out too. *Side note...hands down, best thing ever at the Science Museum (which has been there since I was a kid!) is the Shadow Box. We all spent way to much time in it. I may, or may not have done a handstand.

Vicki, blowing out her candles on one of her many birthday cakes! This one had Snickers on it. THE BEST.

Uncle Renzi and Miller horsing around. Love that Miller makes this kissy face.

The two boys hanging out at the door waiting to see who else is going to show up!

A little father son jam session.

And Walker wanted in on the jam session too.

What trip to the Stone house is complete without a baby dunk contest? Miller won.

And this totally cracked me up. Miller didn't want Walker to get in the car, so Walker decided to push him. Miller couldn't decide if he was happy about it or mad. So funny.

So, they finally got in the car together. Too too precious.

Uncle Grant came in on Friday evening. Here are the cute brothers and sisters with their nephews! Really missed Asher and Jake and Aunt Brooke!

And then there is this picture. Oh my stars, is he the cutest or what??!!!!

Such fun hanging with family. Wish we lived closer and could hang out all of the time. Love yall!

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