Thursday, November 3, 2011

Jackson Does the Robot Dance.

I'll admit...sometimes it's annoying when Jackson takes my phone and wants to play a game or listen to music on it. He inevitably moves apps around or takes pictures of our television or unflattering pictures of his dear sweet momma.

But, then sometimes....amazingness can happen when a child takes your phone.

I was just looking through my photos and I came across this video, which I had totally forgotten about.

We were having dinner at our friends The Peters' last Saturday night and it came up that Jackson knew how to do the "Robot." (You know, the robot dance???)

You see, I am kind of known by some of my high school and college friends for my car dances. I am probably the worst dancer in the entire world on the dance floor, but put me in a car and I will blow you away with my sweet moves.'s a pretty special talent that I have. ;) And of course, you KNOW, I had to pass this skill on to my dear sweet wee one. (You are welcome hubby). So, this dance is what we have been working on in the car lately.

Trying to get Jackson to do it in a big crowd is hard because he gets embarrassed (which is a new thing for him! Embarrassed! And sometimes he is even embarrassed by his parents! Oh how dreadful!). But Caden Peters got him to do the robot dance last weekend...and he had my phone as his hidden video camera and captured the whole thing.

Oh my lordy be. This is hilarious.

Sorry the quality of the video is not the best, but Caden did a pretty awesome job as videographer.

Love my talented Jackson Bieber Stone!

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Rita said...


Cracking up over here.

Also trying to think of a sneaky way to get him to do it for me in person next time I see him.

Perhaps bribery will work. I'm not above paying for The Robot Dance.