Wednesday, October 26, 2011

This morning...

I woke up to this....yes, that's a snake. IN MY FRONT ENTRY WAY OF MY HOUSE. INSIDE PEOPLE. Talk about total freak out by me.

So...I did this.....

Yes, that is a plastic tupperware container. I quickly called the hubby, whose phone was off, because he was ON A PLANE TO NYC. (Yes, I realize I keep yelling in this post. I just wanted all of you to know the enormity of the situation.)

I then, put a book on top of the container to keep the snake in while I tried to figure out what to do from here. I texted a few of my husband's friends and my dad with an SOS on what the heck I should do. All the while Jackson was running through the house yelling, "Call the ambulance! Call the ambulance! Call the cops and have them bring their weapons!"

Since, no one texted me back right away because it was pretty early in the morning I decided to take matters into my own hands. I put on gardening gloves and a jacket over my pajamas, apparently, I felt like I needed to be protected. Oh, and I also grabbed the biggest knife I could find. I remembered a scene from Romancing the Stone with Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner when they are in Brazil and Michael Douglas takes his knife and chopped the head off of a snake in the jungle. Apparently, I felt like this was the best option here.

I went back to where I had left the snake. And. IT. WAS. GONE!!!!!!!!!

That sucker had popped out of the plastic container and the book and was slithering away. Thank goodness I saw it. If I hadn't I probably would never have slept in my house again. Like, we would have left all of our stuff and moved away immediately.

I grabbed the knife and tried to cut the snake, but that darn thing kept coming at me!!! Full hissing and everything. I was screaming at this point and Jackson was yelling at me to "Be brave mom! You've got this!"

So, I grabbed the plastic container and slammed it on top of the snake again and slowly moved the container across the floor, opened the front door, and somehow SHOVED the snake out the door.


Then I realized how late it had gotten and had to hurry to get Jackson dressed for his Halloween Parade at this school. Here he own Justin Bieber!

Oh and before I go, take a look at this precious is from our ultrasound yesterday. I just love this little guy to pieces already!

I sure hope that tomorrow I wake up to nothing but roses and coffee and peace. AND NO SNAKES.

P.S. When my husband's friends and my dad did text me back...these were their answers. (1) Call the Fire Department and get a shovel (2) Call Animal Control (3) One friend just called me and laughed. I laughed with him, cause at that point this crap was funny!

-Lee Anne


Allison said...

I just love you! Are you positive it wasnt an earthworm? :P)

Grow Old With Grace said...

OMG! I can officially stop reading your blog. Seriously I started looking around my office for snakes after this post. That is how bad they freak me out!!!!

I'm glad you caught him and I was just kidding with the avoiding your blog comment. :)

Rita said...


Next time call Dave! Srsly.

Whitney said...

AWESOME!!! My parents get snakes in their house A LOT. I am deathly scared of snakes so I feel your pain and panic. I would have probably moved away until there had been a full clean sweep of the house!