Thursday, January 31, 2013

334 days.

333 days.

That's how long my precious Isaiah lived.

333 days.

So much happened in those 333 days it feels like it was much longer. But in hindsight it was so short. Only 333 days.

Yesterday was monumental. Renzi and I both secretly knew it was, but neither of us mentioned it to one another. I went about my day and tried to pretend it was normal. I know he did the same. We briefly mentioned it before bed but I brushed it aside. That's what I do sometimes....pretend that things aren't happening. I guess it's my defense mechanism.

Yesterday was Walker's 333rd day.

And today.....on his 334th day, we woke up to this....

These two precious loving, wrestling, fussing, stinky, hungry boys.

And I thanked The Lord for another day with my sons. And I said a prayer for my Isaiah. May he always know how amazing he is. How loved he is. How he will NEVER be forgotten.

I am reminded over and over again how thankful I am that we had the courage, the faith, to put ourselves out there and have another child. Our family would not be complete without Walker, Isaiah and Jackson.

We may not all be together now, but I know we will all be together again someday! And oh what a family reunion that will be!!!

Looking forward to the next phase of life with these kiddos. No matter what life brings us, I know we will make it through.


Tesha said...

What a beautiful blessing all your boys are. I know you have cherished each and every day with all of them.

kendycox said...

Beautiful post. Beautiful family. Beautiful truth of eternity together.

Bethany Grubb said...

(Tears) So dear. Thanks for sharing.