Thursday, January 17, 2013

Bieber Fever!

Well, Walker Bear caught another cold so we took our 4th trip to the doc since January 1st.

Poor baby. Just a cold but he needed lots of snuggles from his big brother.

Before he got sick.....we took Jackson to see Justin Bieber in Tulsa. It was one of his Xmas gifts and at first he acted too cool but once I promised him he could have a Diet Coke there he changed his mind. I am not above bribery people.

I probably should have prewarned sweet boy just how loud a concert can be.

He quickly recovered but couldn't seem to understand why all of the girls kept screaming. Side note, I am so thankful I am a momma of boys.

With my precious first born watching his favorite singer!

All Around The World....this kid can perform. Now if he would just pull his pants up.

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