Saturday, February 23, 2013

Surgery Day Three

Right after I posted last nights post, things went a bit south for our patient. About 5:30 he started telling me he was cold and was literally shivering, and that was with two sheets and three blankets on. We called the nurse in and sure enough he had a fever.

The next four hours were a swirl of people in and out of the hospital room. His fever kept rising and at it's highest it was 102.7. They ran labs and took an X-ray of his chest and all the while the poor guy just couldn't get comfortable.

The labs and X-ray came back normal, thank goodness, so we could rule out an infection in the surgical site. I called my brother in law and Renzi's brother, Grant, who is very knowledgable about this type of surgery, and he consulted with some of his doctors and they all said a fever after a surgery like this is normal. Whew!

This morning he was still feeling awful so our nurse decided we should switch his pain meds. And POOF, my sweet hubby finally got some relief. His eyes cleared (they seemed a bit cloudy), and he started making fun of me (which is a good sign, and don't worry, I made fun of him right back!).

We've had a pretty non eventful last three hours and it seems like Ren is finally getting some relief and that I am forever grateful.

Here are two pics of his X-rays after surgery I wanted to share.

Pretty amazing eh??

Until next time.

Desperately in need of a shower and a glass of wine,

Lee Anne

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