Sunday, February 24, 2013

Surgery day 4

This will be brief because I am exhausted!!!

We checked out of the hospital around noon today and headed to the hotel. Renzi has has a really good day and he slept really well last night. He is still very sore but all to be expected.

He slept off and on for the afternoon and I finally had the chance to work out. The treadmill I was on said my pace for a mile was 6:03. Pretty sure it's broken, otherwise I am totally trying out for the Olympics.

We watched a movie (Argo! So good!) and ordered dinner in our room. We have his post op appointment tomorrow at 8:15 and then we get to head home!!!! We are going to try to beat the blizzard that is apparently heading towards Oklahoma. Oh goodie! Ha!!!

That's all for now! Goodnight!

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