Friday, February 22, 2013

Surgery Day 2

Last night was a fairly good night's sleep for our patient. Even though people were in and out of our room every few hours, when we did sleep we both seemed to sleep hard. At 2 a.m. the nurse had Renzi stand up and walk to the door and back. It wore him out so the next time I heard him stir it was at 5:45 a.m and that was because the doctor was in the room.

He said everything was looking good, the soreness Renzi was feeling was normal and told him to get up and move more today and to stay on top of his pain.

I dozed off right after he left but was awakened ten minutes later by the strangest sounds coming from the hospital bed. I sat up, put my glasses on and realized that Renzi was doing his PT exercises on his own. At 6 a.m. (There is that overachiever thing again!)

About 10:30 this morning this happened!

Cute little Jeana the feisty PT gal. Love her.

This afternoon turned a bit sour when some pain set in for Renzi but the nurse say it is all normal at one day out of surgery. He's been moving a lot and the body is a bit shocked. He just was able to take some pain medication so he is finally resting again. Bless his heart.

The boys are doing great at home with Kayla and we miss them terribly. I somehow got into a deep conversation with the janitor this afternoon and showed her about 50 pics of my kids. When her eyes started to glaze over I realized it had been fifteen minutes of me talking and her not talking. #imgoingabitcrazy.

Hoping for a good nights rest with minimal pain and more mobility for Renzi. We should be released to go to a hotel close to the hospital tomorrow morning until his post operation appointment on Monday morning. And let me tell you....this girl needs a shower and an actual bed like nobody's business so I can't wait. I'm looking like a hot mess minus the hot.

Thanks for the prayers, texts, calls and concerns. We feel so loved!!

P.S. I've now watched the first two episodes of Downton Abbey. Holy canoli! I'm loving it! Why did I wait this long to get on the bandwagon????

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the senator' s wife said...

Hugs to you both and glad the patient is doing well. Downtown Abbey. Oh my goodness girl - get ready! THE best show out there....totally addictive!