Friday, January 29, 2010

Praise Him for a Fabulous Week!

What a wonderful week we have had here! Isaiah is clearly feeling better because his sleep has been sooo much better! Yay! He is sleeping from 7:30p.m.-2 a.m., then 2:15 a.m.-6:41 a.m. (Isn't that funny? Every morning, it's 6:41 on the dot!). It is absolutley amazing how much better you feel when you have consistent sleep. I think Isaiah is feeling the same way because he is just been down right pleasant to be around. :)

Above is a picture of Isaiah at 7 months old in "the chair." I also posted a picture of him at 1 month old in "the chair," so you can see how much he has truely grown in 7 months!

We celebrated Renzi's birthday a day early with a dinner with some family at our house, and then yesterday he and I braved the storm for a fabulous dinner out at Michael's Grill. So yummy and so fun. All Ren wanted for his birthday was to spend a night at our lake house sans kids so I planned for our fabulous sitter Tricia to spend Saturday and Saturday night and all day Sunday with the boys so Renzi and I could go....well, since our lake house was basically destroyed two weeks ago by a pipe that burst, that fun gift almost seemed to drift away...UNTIL...our amazing friends/neighbors George and Donna Nigh offered for us to just stay at their lake house (just a couple houses away from ours). So, the trip is back on! And we are bringing our friend's the Peters' with us too. Yay! Now, let's hope this snow stops so we can get out of town in the morning! :)

Jackson is being his hilarious self this week...his new thing to say is, "But, I CAN'T Mommy." For example, "Jackson you need to get in your bed." "But, I CAN'T Mommy." "Why not Jackson?" "Because I like Mommy and Daddy's bed better."

He is also still wanting to talk about his boy parts...oh dear me. Why the obsession? He asked me today where my boy part went. I told him to ask his dad.

And on that note....I will leave you....

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