Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A little bit of news

First of all, thank you to all the folks who have wished us well and shared their prayers. We are doing just fine.

Our pediatric neurologist, Dr. Wilfong,  just visited us and shared the first bit of information about Isaiah's condition after monitoring him for the past 36 hours. He said Isaiah had about five myoclonic spasm (jerks) during the night last night that showed up on the EEG - we only observed one. This is a contributing factor to him waking up a few of the times. 

The anti-seizure medicine he was taking is now mostly out of his system, which should help unmask the seizure disorder.  He discussed the fact that he is happy to see that his EEG is normal during the time between the spasms. He also said he is happy that Isaiah is developing like a normal baby and its good to see the normal EEG for the majority of the time. Dr. Wilfong says we are moving in the right direction for a diagnosis and we will just continue to monitor for the next few days to see what happens.

Continued prayers are asked for to diagnose his condition, give us a treatment plan and ask for more (uninterrupted) sleep!

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