Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day 1-Complete.

Good Morning....So, little man did not sleep so hot last night and neither did his momma. He was up every hour for about an hour or two, then would sleep for an hour. At least he did a grand performance for the cameras in our room. Did I mention we are monitored by video and audio in our room all of the time? Well, we are...guess we can't talk bad about any of the docs or nurses in our room can we? :)

Dr. Willafong came by this morning and said that so far Isaiah's EEG looks normal and he has not had any seizures or myclonic spasms (the cluster of jerks he has right before he has a seizure) since taking him off of his seizure medicine. He also said that he seems to have normal sleep patterns (?????????????) and that his EEG looks good while he is sleeping. (Once again, normal sleep?????????).

And so we press on....We are now on Day 2 here, still waiting. Renzi and I are going to ask for a ENT to come by and take a look at Isaiah's ears sometime today or tomorrow just to check them out since that seems to be a cause of a lot of his infections which seems to be the cause of a lot of his seizures. He currently has tubes in his ears, but had an infection in both ears last week which led to his last seizure last week. 

That's all for now. Will update more later! 
P.S. We got a hotel room at a hotel adjacent to the hospital so Renzi and I are switching off nights at the hospital. That way at least one of us is fresh from sleep each day. It is also nice to have the hotel to take little breaks....I left yesterday evening and worked out and showered and came back up the hospital. I think this is going to keep us both sane this week! I am REALLY looking forward to my night of sleep tonight! :)

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