Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The hits just keep on coming...:)

It's been a pretty laid back day here at the Ranch...oh wait, not it hasn't....guess who has pinkeye in BOTH eyes? Yup, it's me (Lee Anne). I had to go to the ER at St. Luke's hospital next to Texas Children's to be seen by a doctor and literally was in line next to a woman with a laceration across her face because her boyfriend cut her. I felt very silly telling the person checking me in after her that I thought I had pink eye. Anywho, I have antibiotic drops and have to wash my hands all of the time, but am ok to be in the room with Isaiah. 

We can't make this crap up. :)

Here are some pics...our nurse today brought Isaiah an exersaucer to play in today which has been a hit and there is also a pic of one of my eyes. Oh Joy!


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