Saturday, January 2, 2010

Next week is a big week for us.....

We had a fabulous and blessed Christmas this year and we are so thankful for God's blessings upon our family. As we get ready to begin our journey for answers this next week at Texas Children's Hospital I am reminded of this song by Ginny Owens. 

The pathways are broken
And the signs are unclear
And I don't know the reason why You brought me here
But just because You love me the way that You do
I'm gonna walk through the valley
If you want me to

Cause I'm not who I was
When I took my first step
And I'm clinging to the promise You're not through with me yet
So if all of these trials bring me closer to You
Then I will walk through the fire
If You want me to

It may not be the way I would have chosen
When You lead me through a world that's not my home
But You never said it would be easy
You only said I'd never go alone.

--Ginny Owens (If You Want Me To)

These past 6 and a half months have been so hard on all of us, but we wouldn't have made it this far without our faith in God. It would be so easy to be angry at him for putting us through all of this, but Renzi and I know that there is a reason for this and we are constantly counting our blessings and listening for reason.
As we go through this next week we just ask that you all pray with us for strength, clarity and answers for our sweet baby boy. We pray for the doctors who are our attending physicians at Texas Children's that they will hear our cries and heal our boy. We will be blogging throughout the week so please check back here for updates on Isaiah. We love you all and thank you for your support!
Much love,
Renzi, Lee Anne, Jackson and Isaiah.


Lindsay said...

That's a great song. we'll be praying for you all.

Kurt Cockran said...

Praying for you guys!

P.S. enzi bustin' out the Landry Jones 'stache? I like.

Lori B. said...

Lee Anne & Renzi,
If you need anything while in Houston, please call us! We are praying for y'all!
Lori & Scott Barrett