Friday, July 22, 2016

Off we go!

We are about to embark on a family adventure! We have rented an apartment in NYC for three weeks. First stop on our way to New York was to Markans to pick up Jackson. He has been staying with my father in law and mother in law in Maryland for the past week. I love love love that he gets to spend this one on one time with his grandparents. He flew all by himself last Saturday to Baltimore and has been fishing, swimming, going to Washington Nationals games, visiting with family, etc. 

Here he is saying goodbye by touching Renzi's face (I'm a face toucher apparently) before he gave his dad the peace sign and headed down the jet bridge onto the plane without so much as a look back. 


While we were in D.C.  we got to briefly see my nephews Miller and TJ and my brother in law Dave. My sis in law Ginny was working in Cleveland at the RNC last week and we missed seeing her!

While in Maryland we took a boat ride to St. Michael's, had lunch at the Jetty,  swam, ate, hung out with Ciney's daughter Chelsea, her husband Brett and their daughter Alaina and just had fun!

We had such a great time.
Tomorrow we start our adventure in NYC! We will take the train in and check into our apartment in the afternoon. Can't wait!

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