Sunday, July 31, 2016

Day 7

What a glorious day Friday was...because we had some family coming in town to visit! Ginny, Dave, Miller and TJ drove in from D.C. To spend two days with us and we could not wait to see them!

We met them for lunch at JG Melon for burgers and even though the food was not that great, the company made up for it!
After lunch we walked to Central Park so the boys could sail the small sailboats at Sailboat pond.


Each boat is powered by a remote control but there is no motor on the boat. There remote control controls the sail and the rudder so you have to be strategic with the timing of the wind and the sail. 

Walker and Miller have really grown theo relationship over the last year and they are just the cutest little buddies. They literally talk and talk and talk without taking a breath.


After our time was up with the sailboats, Renzi and I sent Ginny and Dave to their hotel so they could get ready for our date night by themselves and Ren and I took all four boys to play frisbee and to play on the playground.

While the older boys played frisbee I got to spend some one on one time with TJ. Love him.


After playing for a bit it was time for Renzi and I to take everyone back to our apartment so we could get cleaned up for date night as well...but on our way back we, of course, had to stop to get the boys ice cream (before dinner! Yes!).

All four boys were together at our apartment with a babysitter that night and Ginny, Dave, Renzi and I got to go out all together! We had drinks at The Mark Hotel before dinner, had dinner at "Orsay," and then a night cap at The Surrey Hotel near our apartment.


We had such a fab time! And the boys did great. We came home to this:


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