Sunday, July 31, 2016

Day 6

This morning the boys and I headed out on the short walk from our apartment to the Central Park Zoo. 

The Central Park Zoo is smaller than most zoos but it was awesome! 

The boys love love loved the Penguins (and so did I!) Jackson did a research project earlier this year on Penguins and Puffins so he was overly excited when we got to this exhibit.

See those big Penguins in the picture? Those are emporer penguins and they are four feet tall!!!



In the center of the zoo are the Sea Lions. While we were there we were able to see the Sea Lion feeding. So cool.

After the zoo we went back to our apartment for lunch and some rest time. After Renzi finished working we all jumped on the subway and headed over to SoHo to check it out. 

SoHo is one of my favorite spots in NYC. We walked around and wandered in and out of shops. We people watched and we took in all of the sights and sounds of a different part of the city we are living in.

After a bit, the natives were restless and hungry so we walked over to Little Italy. We found some spots that are pretty special to the Stone family. Many meals were spent at La Mela during Christmas time when the Stone's would all come in the week before Christmas from all over the country and spend time together during the holiday season.

We even found the bar we went to two years in a row after we would eat at La Mela.



We ended up at this cute restaraunt called Sambrosio. We ordered way too much pasta and we ate every bite. Delish!

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