Sunday, July 31, 2016

Day 5

Today started early as we headed out the door to see The New York Times building. We were supposed to have a tour but the guy who was going to give us the tour came down sick, but it was still fun to see the building where some of the greatest reporters work.

We had some time to kill before our lunch reservations so we went to the new Discovery Zone museum and saw their Star Wars exhibit. This exhibit had almost all of the costumes worn in ALL of the Star Wars movies!

After the tour we hit up Bryant Park for their free park library and a ride on the carousel.
The we headed 
over to the infamous Sardi's restaraunt for lunch before we took the boys to see Aladdin on Broadway!

Jackson asked the waiter what you had to do to get your picture up on the wall and she answered that you have to have acted, directed or produced something on Broadway. Walker did not seem to understand this because he kept asking over and over why his picture was not up on the wall. Someday buddy. Someday. :)

After lunch we walked the short walk over to the Amsterdam Theatre to see Aladdin!

The show was incredible! The boys loved it and I don't think Walker has ever sat so still for so long. He was mesmerized! The colors, the music, the costumes and the amazing set designs were so eye catching. We had the best time!

We finished up the night at "Up Thai," a place near our apartment and the food was so so good. Jackson has been such an adventurous eater as of late and it's been fun to watch him try new things. Walker, well, he still sticks mostly to carbs but he did have some soup at the restaraunt that he ended up loving. 

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