Monday, March 4, 2013

Walker Stone Is One!

This past Thursday, February Walker Bear turned one years old!

Here he is right after he woke up...we all walked in singing Happy Birthday to him. He was quite confused as you can see.

He quickly got over the confusion and he and his brother took a photo together. Look at these sweet brothers.

Doughnuts for the birthday boy! He licked it but he didn't eat it...guess he is not much of a sweet can find out more about that later on in this post.

We had his birthday party this last Saturday at our house. I remember not so long ago I vowed to NEVER EVER have a birthday party at our house again. Clearly, I forgot and/or have lost my mind.

We had a "mustache" bash for our "little man."

Here is the food table.....BBQ, potato salad, broccoli salad, bread, and dips and chips.

And the dessert table! Yummers.

And what one year old party is complete without a bloody mary and mimosa bar? Yup, I'm that parent. And proud of it.

Renzi and Uncle Tim with their mustaches. Tim did the handlebar mustache and Renzi apparently went for the husband from "Not Without My Daughter/Sleeping with the Enemy/Middle Eastern Terrorist" look. Imagine rolling over in bed and waking up to that? Not for the faint of heart ladies. Seriously Gross.

Two cuties in their mustache shirts and mustaches. Well, Jackson has his on. Walker ate his 2.5 seconds before this picture was taken.

And as promised from above...Exhibts A, B and C on the sweets front.

Exhibit A: We put the smash cake in front of Walker. He looks at Jackson and I like we are crazy.

Exhibit B: Ok. Fine you guys. I will put my fingers in this cake.

Exhibit C: THIS IS LUDICROUS! DISGUSTING! SOMEONE GET ME SOME BROCCOLI STAT! (Seriously, the kid would rather eat broccoli. I have questioned whether or not he is my child. I mean, he doesn't like to sleep that much and he doesn't like cake???)

Clearly he recovered from the cake debacle and snuggled with me for this one pic. He then was off and "toddling."

Opening presents with his Uncle Tim. He loved all of his presents so much. His favorite part was putting the wrapping paper in his mouth.

Later that evening, I left the boys (Renzi included, remember Renzi had surgery so he has to rest and can't pick up Walker or Jackson) with Kayla our babysitter, and I headed to the wedding of one of my dear friends from high school. We had a fab time and the wedding was equally as fabulous. The reception was at the top of the Devon Tower and the views were spectacular! Love my high school friends so much. We laughed and laughed and laughed all night long.

Yesterday was really nice and warm out so the boys and I hung outside a lot. I brought out the sidewalk chalk and Jackson drew free throw and three point lines form his basketball goal and all was going well until.....

Walker decided to eat the chalk. Oh well. Parenting fail number 1027 for me. :)

The boys ended up the evening last night wrestling with eachother on our bedroom floor. So many giggles and squeals from them it made my heart so full and my face hurt from smiling at them so much. Love them.

Renzi is still in full recovery mode. He is getting very frustrated with having to rest and lay down a lot and still being very sore. This is all to be expected, but it is still very hard for him. I ask for prayers for him to be able to relax and let his body heal! The doctor says the healing will come in due time, but in the mean time he needs to stay put and just chill out. Easy to hard to do!

Love Love Love,
Lee Anne


Danielle (elleinadspir) said...

Sleeping with the enemy stash. Bwahhahaha.

Stone Chic said...

Good job on the party sister! Wish we could have been there to celebrate! :)