Monday, March 11, 2013

Mucho Crazy-O

Things have been mucho crazy-o at our house lately....with Renzi recovering from surgery and not able to pick up Walker, it's been quite a ride on this crazy train doing most all of the caretaking by myself. It really makes me appreciate just how much Renzi contributes on a daily basis. But, good news is...week to week Renzi is beginning to feel a little better. It is a long process but he is getting there!!!

In the meantime, my friend Allison sent me's now my motto for life.

Friday, Jackson didn't have school because of Parent/Teacher Conferences and Renzi (and the rest of us!) needed a change of scenery so we hopped (well, I hopped, Renzi hobbled) into the car and we headed to the lake. Jackson napped most of the way. Walker did not. This is how Jackson "blocks out the light and noise" or so he says.

We arrived at the lake about 2:00 p.m. and Jackson immediatly beelined for the hammock. He says he relaxes well there. Walker was mesmerized by watching him.

We haven't been to the lake house since the first of December so it was interesting to realize we had not babyproofed the house at all! Walker was all over the place and really wanted to go up and down the stairs. We didn't have a baby gate so I made a janky baby gate out of an ottomon and a recliner. It did the trick.

The boys were so cute looking at out at our view of the lake.

We went on many many walks this weekend. It's really the only PT the doctor told Renzi to do so we did just that! Annabelle loves being at the lake because she just runs and runs. This "lap dog" of mine sure isn't much of a "lap dog." I forgot our nice stroller, but was happy to find that I had left an old umbrella stroller in a closet at the lake house. Walker is almost too big for it but it worked just fine!

Saturday we took a drive over to Grove (the thriving metropolis) and discovered a new Mexican restaraunt. If there is one thing my crew loves it's some queso. Here are the boys outside the restaraunt. 2 things to point out: (1) Yes, Walker is in his jammies. (2) Jackson is also in his jammies...he packed himself this trip. He told me he packed, three jerseys, three underwears, three socks, a headband, and no pants. jammies and no pants....we improvised and I found some shorts in the house from this past summer and he wore those and his jersey to sleep in.

Yum yum. Walker loves beans and rice. He has decided he only wants to use a spoon to eat...not much of wanting to eat with his fingers any more...which is great, except that he misses his mouth 90% of the time.

After the meal, Walker was feeling, "Sooooo Big!"

We decided to hit the park in our neighborhood after lunch and this boy LOVED to swing. The look on his face was priceless. What joy!!!

We then took a turn in the their jammies. Afterwards Walker got a bath before his nap because he had sand in the bottoms of his footie jammies. I also found some rice and 1/4 of a tortillas in the bottom. Yum.

Later that day we took another walk to check out our boat. This might be my most favorite picture of all time of Jackson!

We loaded up early Sunday morning and headed back to OKC because Jackson had been invited to go to the Thunder game with one of his buddies from school. They had floor seats! Jackson was over the moon excited.

After he got home we facetimed with Aunt Ginny and Cousin Miller. What cutie pattooties!

And we rounded out the weekend with this........Oh Walker Bear.

Love, Love, Love!

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kendycox said...

Cute pictures. And I love that you use the word "janky." I recently had to explain this word (that I use far to frequently, apparently) to someone in a professional setting. Sometimes it's the only word that fully conveys what you're trying to impart, right?!