Sunday, March 31, 2013

Hoppy Easter Weekend!

Here is a recap of our fantabulous weekend...

Friday night, Jackson has two buddies spend the night, Cal and Hudson. They played basketball for three and a half hours outside and only came inside to eat an entire pizza and a pound of blueberries. They also drank a gallon of milk. Here they are before bedtime watching, what!

I actually followed up with something I pinned on Pinterest...and this necklace arrived Friday.

Our friends AJ, Alli and Bowman were in town and they came over Friday night as well for pizza and light saber fights.

My sweeties outside under the Isaiah tree. Love this time of year when it starts to bloom!

Our church had their annual Easter egg hunt Saturday morning so we picked up Renzi's mom and all headed out for the fun! Here is my oldest baby and I before he dominated in his age group's egg hunt.

See that determination???

The boys afterwards in front of their loot.

Me and Walkman!

We raced to Jackson's soccer game after the hunt. Here is Walker enjoying some snacks on the sidelines.

He's a natural athlete!

Cute boys with Coach Furnish!

Whoever wasn't in the game at the time played with Walker. Sweet things!

And this morning, the Easter bunny came!!!!

We all went to church and brunch with family. Such a joyful day.

This one keeps me on my toes.

Mommy and her boys!!!! Love them so.

Walker and I were STARVING by the time church was over. This is us in the car on the way to brunch yelling at dad to drive faster!

And what Easter is complete without a couple of headlocks from your brother?

They even got me in the action. These pics might be the funniest ever. True depiction of wrestling with these stinkers.

Hope you all had a blessed day! So thankful for the price Jesus paid for all of us on the Cross. He is risen!!!

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