Friday, February 17, 2012

Jackson's Many Outfits

My little man has a creative style all his own. I used to fight it, but I have since come to embrace his creativeness and let him be exactly who he wants to be. I feel like what Jackson wears is such an expression of some of his character traits, carefree, colorful, confident, comfortable in his own skin and of course, adorable!
 Oh, and have to learn to pick your own battles and choosing what you are going to wear is one I would rather not fight! :)

So, here's a walk through some of his outfit choices over the last year.

Exhibit A: Jerseys are a must for this kid. My only rule is that you can't just wear a jersey to school, you must put a tshirt or long sleeved shirt underneath it. This picture also shows his crazy hair. Sometimes he wants to spike it up, other times he want it to be left alone. This is clearly a leave it alone day.

Exhibit B: Pop your collar. I have no idea who taught him this but he does this every time he wears a polo shirt. And sometimes, 3D glasses are a must, because, let's face it. Life is sometimes better in 3D.

Exhibit C: All ready for school with a fake smile that screams, "Mom...let's go already!" He is colorful, isn't he??

Exhibit D: Sometimes wearing shorts on your head while riding your bike through the house in your pajamas is a great idea. He seriously did this for two hours.

Exhibit E: OH BE STILL MY HEART. Will you look at this preciousness??? We were at a wedding and he wanted to wear the tie (sports tie, of course), and he did his hair all on his own. I LOVE HIM!

Exhibit F: Ready for the Thunder Game. Enough said.

Exhibit G: All ready for Valentine's Day date with mom and dad this year. Did I mention how sweet my Valentine's were? The boys told me to be ready at 4:45 p.m. and they came to the door all dressed up and asked me to go on a date with them. They then took me out to The Ranch for an early dinner reservation where Jackson ate all of my steak but gave me the sweetest toast over Shirley Temples ever. We then went and got a slice of cookie cake (my weakness!) and saw Star Wars: Episode 1 at the movie theatre in 3D. What a perfect night!

Exhibit H: Last Saturday. He came out of his room ready to go. The funny thing is, is that Renzi seriously used to dress like this in college and still does sometimes around our house. I don't understand the shorts over the pants thing, but I think it is cute that Jax copies it.

Exhibit I: And then, today....He decided that he would be Captain America all day and this is how he was dressed when we ran errands. I love his confidence. He doesn't care what other people say or think. He just does it. I pray that he is always like this!

So...that, in a nutshell, is my Jackson and his creative outfits. Hope you enjoyed the pics as much as I do!

Have a great weekend!

P.S. I'm still pregnant by the way! :) Doc appointments this week went really well. BP is still a bit high and there are still significant amounts of protein in my urine, but still nothing to freak out about. I am about to be 36 weeks along so I am proud baby boy is still cooking! I am still measuring 3 weeks ahead so estimates on baby's size are still quite large. I go see Dr. Mirablie on Monday for a big ultrasound so I am excited to find out what he thinks about the baby's size and his estimates on when he will come.

I have had quite a few contractions this past week which has been crazy to experience, considering I never once had a contraction with Jackson or Isaiah (or at least that I knew of!). They are not too far together so that is good, but it's still amazing to feel them.

Thankful for a healthy baby so far and that he is "still in there!"

Much love!

-Lee Anne


Danielle (elleinadspir) said...

I seriously love that kid. So cute.

Lori B. said...

I love y'all. Is that weird?