Friday, February 3, 2012

33 week update

Let's take a trip down memory lane and see just how BIG I have gotten since I started taking pictures of this pregnancy...shall we? I 13 weeks along. Just had gotten over the nauseousness and was feeling pretty great!

Here I am at 15 weeks in the bathroom at my office. I had intended on doing a post every week and here is where I started my downfall of skipping a week here and there.

And here is me at 26 weeks. Totally missed the boat on getting any pictures in between. Not really sure why I slacked off so much on taking belly pics.

29 weeks. The hugeness continues.

Holy Bumpness! Here I am last week at 32 weeks.

And me today at 33 weeks and some change. Oh, and yes, that is me wearing the same outfit as I was in last week in my picture. We have reached the point in this pregnancy where I have begun to just rotate the same few outfits in and out. No judging.

So, to update you all on my prehypertensive, borderline preeclamptic diagnosis...

I went to the hospital Monday for lab work and to drop off my 24 hour gross test and a blood pressure check. Blood pressure was 140/85 but nothing to be too alarmed about, so I was sent on my way.

Tuesday I was back at the hospital for a non stress test (NST) and over the course of the NST my blood pressure was a steady 150/95 so I had to stay and rest a lot longer. When they had me lay on my side, my BP dropped so that was how I had to lay....for 2 hours! They drew more blood and once my BP was stable for awhile they sent me home again. Baby was moving and dancing and doing perfect.

Wednesday....well, I had Wednesday OFF from the doctors! Yippeee!

Thursday, I had my weekly appointment with my doctor and my BP was 145/80. The doc went over my lab work and 24 hour tests. All of my labs came back looking good. There is a significant amount of protein in my urine but not enough to freak out about. So, I am still on "restricted activity," and will continue to be monitored.

Friday, I was back for my routine NST and lo and behold, my BP was 120/80! Hallelujah! They then sent me over to ultrasound to do a Biophysical Profile on sweet baby. They monitored his practice breathing, his kidneys, heart and amniotic fluid. At the end of a Biophysical Profile you get a score from your baby and he scored an 8 out of 8! Praise the Lord!

I continue to be so blessed that the health of this baby seems to be great and not affected by my health issues. Thank you Jesus!

I have to do the 24 hour test again this Sunday and will have more lab work done on Monday and will continue with the NST's, ultrasounds and weekly visits with my doctor next week. Each day we can keep this baby "cooking" is another blessing so we are just taking it one day at a time!

Thank you all for your prayers!

-Lee Anne

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Katie nash said...

Is it my eyes playing tricks on me or have u dropped a little bit? U look beautiful and we r so happy to hear that baby Stone is healthy! Keep up the r&r!