Saturday, February 25, 2012

Getting Ready for Bay Bay...

So...I'm still pregnant!

And for the update on where we stand...I literally was at the doctor and/or hospital EVERY DAY LAST WEEK. And each time I was there it was for no less than three hours. And let me tell you, that will wear a girl straight out!

I went in for our growth ultrasound with Dr. Mirablie this past Monday and baby boy looks great still. So great, in fact, that he was estimated to be right at 8 lbs. 10 oz...and let me remind you that this past Monday I was just at 36 weeks. I have made it very clear to my doctors that I do not want to be in the news for having a 16 pound baby. They all laugh when I say this. I do not laugh when I say this.

Everything looks great with little man, except my amniotic fluid level had dropped significantly since the last ultrasound just 3 days earlier. The level had dropped from a 12 to an 8. A level of 8 is no reason to panic, but definitely reason to keep monitoring me and continue the ultrasounds. You don't want your amniotic fluid level to drop below a 5 at this stage. (We know way too much about amniotic fluid around here because of Jackson...I had low fluid with him and he was delivered at 36 weeks because of it.) Anywho, we left Dr. Mirablie's office with a big congrats from him and he told us we didn't need to see him again. Wow!

Tuesday-Thursday was more NST's, ultrasounds, and BP monitoring. My BP is still high, but stable and my ultrasound Thursday showed my fluid level at 7.9 so we are still good to go.

Friday, my BP was the highest it has been so far 155/95 so I had to stay and rest at the hospital for quite a while and there was one plus amounts of protein in my urine that day. Thankfully, they let me go home for the weekend with strict instructions to "take it easy," and to come back on Monday.

My doc says she really wants me to make it to 38 weeks but that we will re-evaluate all of this on Monday. (I am 37 weeks tomorrow!)

So, with all that said....I am still so thankful that sweet bay bay is still cooking and that he looks so stinking healthy. What a relief!

And speaking of sweet bay bay....I don't think I have officially announced his name yet!!! (See Below)

Below is a pic of the shirts I got for Jackson and his brother to wear at the hospital...and below that is a pic of the Valentine's present that my sweet hubby and Jax gave me. It has the name of ALL of my boy's on it, a cross and my birthstone. I am going to order an extra charm for it because of course I need to have Renzi's name on there too!

So...OFFICIALLY...our third son's name is going to be Walker Seth Stone.

Walker Stone....can't you just see it? With a name like that he can be a country singer or the President! I love it so much!

The background on the full name is this:

Walker: We all just liked it! We had the hardest time deciding between a few of the names, but Jackson ended up being the tie breaker. He started calling his baby brother Walker and then it was a done deal for us!

Seth: When I found out I was having a boy my sweet friend Amber Featherstone texted me this:
"What do you think of Seth Stone? While reading through the Bible last summer for Isaiah I learned that Adam and Eve had a third son, Seth, and I just thought of you guys. Just thought about what healing and joy Adam and Eve must have received from a new baby after losing Abel."

I had NO idea about Adam and Eve even having any other children so I quickly looked it up in the Bible. It is a very small paragraph...Genesis 4:25 so it was easy to miss. After further research Seth was born after the slaying of Abel by Cain, and Eve believed God has appointed him as a "replacement" for Abel. Now, I am not a huge fan of the word replacement because I do not believe that Walker is a replacement for losing Isaiah, but if you read more you will find that Eve also believed that Seth brought a new beginning for their family and I like that meaning a lot better.

Thank you Amber for telling me about the name!

So, there you have it!

Oh and if you are wondering if I will be posting a pic of me this week with my pregnant tummy...well, think again. I look like the Stay Puft Marshmellow Man from Ghostbusters and no one wants to see that. :)

I will leave you with this adorably adorable picture. Jackson and our sweet neighbor who is his "girlfriend" were tooling around our cul-de-sac this morning in her pink Camaro. So sweet of her to let him drive.

Until next time....much love to you all!

-Lee Anne