Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Girls Weekend!

This past Memorial weekend I packed my bags and headed down south to Austin, TX (where I used to live!) to visit some of my best girlfriends from college for our annual Girls Weekend. We had the most fantabulous time. We stayed with Emily Sue in her amazing house and as most of you all who know her know she was the best hostesses. (Her husband, Dustin, is out of town for three months riding his bike across country. You must follow his blog and catch up on his adventures thus far...its fascinating!)

We ate, laughed, talked, ate, drank wine, laughed some more, ate some more, laid out at the pool, ate again...etc. etc.
Here are a few pics from my IPhone...

View of Lake Travis from our lunch spot on Sunday, "Uncle Billy's." Look how blue the water is! I would just like to point out that Grand Lake water does NOT look like this.

Blurry pic with a finger in the top of my girls and me.

Jackie and I even worked out to our girl Jillian Michaels on Saturday. Sunday, Emily Sue took us on a great hike on a hike trail in her neighborhood. Gotta work out to eat! :) And yes, I am sporting my Kappa shirt. What's up now. Oh and wow Jackie. You look really short next to me.

Sara and I at another lunch of our favs...Maudie's!

Cuties Emily Sue and Jackie!

I then came home to this sad face. My Jackson is sick...and today, Wednesday, he is still sick! I thought he had turned a corner, but this afternoon he started running a fever and has this horrible cough. Took him to the doc and it's just a virus, but man...I hate seeing him not feeling well. I do, however, like that he likes to snuggle when he's not feeling well.

Until next time.....

-Lee Anne


Lori B. said...

I absolutely love reading your blog!

You lived in Austin?? WHAAAAAAAAT?

PS, Love the new fancy design!

Dustin said...

Thanks for the shout out and love the post, sad to see my living room I haven't seen in over 40 days.

Noticed the blog link was broken due to double http:// http://, but here is a shorter link -

2nd - to liking the new design!