Thursday, June 9, 2011


Did I tell you we were going to France? Oh, I didn't? Well...let me be the first to tell you that...WE ARE GOING TO FRANCE!!!

In 9 days.

I leave for my work trip this Sunday and am gone until Friday...and then we are leaving the next day for France!

Oh and we are going with these cute people in this blog.
You should probably click on the link right now and see this precious wee one doing the France Dance. Because of this blog post, we have now adopted the France Dance at our house too.

To be honest, this trip sort of snuck up on me, what with work being so busy and summer being here, and now it is upon us! I can't wait! Jackson is very excited to go to France and ride a train and see his friend Baby Bowman. (And AJ and Alli too!). He also says he can't wait to meet the King. I told him that on most trips you do not get to meet Royalty. He stared blankly at me like I was an idiot.

Viva France!
P.S. I realize this is not French....:)

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mindy said...

Do you realize you'll be there during the Tour de France?!? Jackson would lOve it! Go and see it outside of Paris if possible bc you get tons of free toys, candy, etc when the caravan comes through before the riders. The caravan is the best parade!