Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Coupon Clipping!

So lately, I have been trying to stick to my monthly budget. I feel like there is so much that we spend on random, *ahem* crap, that I should really pay attention to what I am buying. ESPECIALLY at the grocery store.

I have been trying to pay attention to coupons and clip them out, but what ends up happening is I see a coupon for something that I "think" we need and I end up spending more at the store buying stuff that ends up sitting in my cabinets, or around my house, and never ends up getting used or eaten and I have wasted money.

I saw this post with tips on coupon clipping from "Young House Love," and I just had to share with you guys. It was great!!! Happy Clipping!

I would also like to note that we officially have cabin fever. Thank you.

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Coco said...

I saw this earlier today!! Love that blog.
Did you see the Nate show on Monday? If you haven't- must see for coupon savers! Hope you're staying warm!!