Monday, February 14, 2011

Skiing is hard, or I'm just Old.

As mentioned in the previous post...we returned home from skiing this past Wednesday evening. To prepare Jackson for skiing, Renzi showed him videos on You Tube of skiiers. He took diligent notes.

We had the amazing opportunity to stay at our brother-in-law's Aunt and Uncle's condo in Bachelors Gulch. It was beautfiul and perfect. We had such a great time getting to hang out with Aunt Ginny and Uncle Dave!

We enrolled Jackson in ski school for Sunday, but decided to hold off on scheduling him for the next day in case for some reason he didn't like skiing. Who are we kidding? The kid LOVED skiing. Here he is getting fitted for his ski boots.

Jackson was a champ and a natural. Out of the 22 kids in his ski school class, 18 of them were full out crying everytime we stopped by to see them ski. Jackson was just his laid back self and he was whizzing on down the little bunny slope. He only wanted to "french fry." No "pizza wedge" here. He even told the teacher at one point that he didn't want to practice stopping, he just wanted to go fast!

I, on the other hand, came to the conclusion early on that skiing is not as easy as it used to be. The last time I had gone skiing was in the 8th grade. My body just did not do what I was telling it to do. On one particular run, Dave and Renzi were ahead of me and I totally went out of control. They said I looked like and 18 wheeler barreling down the mountain looking for an overpass to slow down on. Thanks guys.

But seriously, skiing is hard when you are older! I was so frustrated with it by the end of the second day that I vowed the next time we go skiing I will go "spa-ing." Yeah, that sounds more like it. Ahhhhhh......!!!!!!!!!!!

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