Friday, February 11, 2011

Worst Mom Ever.

I feel like the worst mom ever.

I forgot my son's Valentine's Day party at school.

And I didn't even realize what I had done until he got back in the car and had a sack full of Valentine's from all of his friends. He even told me that his teacher helped him make some Valentine's so he could pass them out to all of his friends.

Break my heart!!!! I immediatley called Renzi and as soon as I heard his voice I started crying telling him what I had forgotten. He, of course, calmed me down and I felt a little better.

You see, I had actually tried to be proactive and I ordered these fabulous Valentine's for Jackson's class from BEFORE we went skiing last week (more on skiing, that's going to be a much better post than this one!). I thought I was on top of it and actually patted myself on the back for being so organized (which as we all know I am sooo not an organized person).I had it in my mind that his party was next Tuesday, Feb. 15th. Now that I think about it, why in the world would you have a Valentine's party AFTER Valentine's day?

I blew it.

Oh well. We all make mistakes right? Jackson, being the fabulously wonderful kiddo that he is didn't seem to notice and I will just pack his sweet Valentine's up with some candy for his friends and his teachers and he can pass them out on the 15th.

Lesson from this story. Maybe being organized just isn't my Schtick.



kendycox said...

Oh, I can so feel your pain!! I actually bought cookie icing and toppings for my daughter's party but forgot Valentines for the kids. Fortunately we discovered this on the way to school this a.m. and even more fortunately I had scheduled some time out of the office today which allowed some not-usually-the-case time to go to the store and whip up something fantastic. Unfortunately, I spent WAAAAY too much $ out of guilt. Smile.

By the way, my son's MDO party IS on Tuesday the 15th. I was thankful for that this morning or I would have been making a second delivery before heading in to work!

Being organized is overrated. I wouldn't have any excitement in my life if I was more organized. :-)

The Massari's said...

I can so relate....I sent my lil Emma to school on dance day (which happens every Tuesday) without her dance clothes. She told her teacher...."my mom forgets everything." bahhhhhhhhh