Monday, January 31, 2011

"Beiber Fever"and a Birthday

We had a fun week and weekend here at the Stone house! The weather was BEAUTIFUL so Jackson and I took full advantage and went the park A LOT. Here is a pic of Jackson hanging from the Monkey Bars.

Sidney Kate came over to play one night. We taught her how to get on Facebook and how to "hoop."

It was also Renzi's birthday so Jackson and I made his favorite cookies. "Nicker-a-noodle," as Jackson calls them. Renzi and I went out with some friends on Saturday night to celebrate the big 33. We rented a limo and basically pretended like we were younger than we really are. It was awesome.

And lastly, I have discovered, that Jackson has Beiber Fever. Enjoy the video.


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Terra said...

Love J's tie!! :) The video is hysterical!! Love it!