Thursday, January 6, 2011

How we did...

So, I bet you are wondering how we ended up on the whole "cleanse" thing huh?

Well. I have three words for you. It is OVER!

Shout it from the rooftops! The cleanse is over!

We ended our cleanse last night with a lovely dinner out on the town. I tried to be aware that I needed to watch it and not go nuts. But my poor, dear husband literally "went to town" on his meal and came home with a tummy ache. Poor guy. :)

What did I learn from the cleanse? Well, probably, that it wasn't the smartest thing we have ever done. That I am, in fact, addicted to caffeine. And that food (or lack thereof) defiantly affects my mood, attitude, etc. Oh and I also learned that my dear friend Emily Sue is right. Cleanses are stupid. She pleaded with me to eat something after she read my blogpost. Dietiticians know best people. Seriously. They really do.

I am proud of us for doing this and it also made me realize that we for sure need more fruits and veggies in our daily diet. Now, if you will excuse me, I have a pizza party to get to. And I couldn't be more excited!!!! About the pizza. ;)

I leave you today with pictures of my babe and his new (late!) present from Santa. You see, all Jackson asked for, for Christmas was a Thunder jersey, but poor Santa couldn't find any, ANYWHERE in his size. So, instead, Santa sent a note to Jackson with some money telling him to have his mom take him to the Thunder Store and buy a jersey after Christmas. We did just that on Tuesday after his nap. And he hasn't taken it off since. Precious boy!

Thunder up!


Dustin said...

Don't tell her this - "Emily Sue is right. ~ Dietitians know best people."

Best/Worst decision I ever made marrying one.

Emily Sue Orrick said...

Good myths/facts article-