Tuesday, June 22, 2010

OKC Memorial

While trying to get Jackson's passport taken care of last week, one of the three times we were at the Downtown Post Office in OKC, we were waiting on Renzi to meet us (FYI, if you are getting your child a passport, BOTH parents have to be there to sign the paperwork and take an oath...good and useful information to know beforehand). We had about 20 minutes to spare, so Jackson and I walked across the street to the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial. What a great place and I was amazed at how in tune Jackson was with everything. He asked questions and walked along the water area so calmly and quietly. He asked me "Mommy, what's this place?" And I told him that this was a place where we could come and remember the people who passed away during a sad time in Oklahoma City. Sweet Jackson then asked if Isaiah was here in this place. I reminded him that Isaiah was in Heaven with Jesus and God and that these people were up there with him. I told him that this place was just a place to remember these people. He seemed satisfied with that answer and
we then went walking along the fence where people place items to memorialize the space, Jackson was so thoughtful and gingerly touched some of the items and was saying, "How cute, how sweet, pretty, etc."

Thank you Lord for my kind and thoughtful little boy.

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