Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Isaiah!

This morning I decided to take Jackson to a movie. I had never taken him to one before, but he went about a year ago with my stepsister Sarah and her kiddos. Apparently, he fell asleep in that movie. We treked downtown to Harkins Theatre in Bricktown and saw the 9:45 a.m. showing of Ice Age. After three trips to the potty and 50 minutes into the movie Jackson declared it was time to go play outside. So, out we went to feed the ducks and play near the waterfall.

We then met up with Addie, Sidney Kate, Jenny, Kaden and Amber at Cafe 501 for a yummy lunch and Addie brought a cookie cake (my favorite!) for Isaiah's birthday. It was a wonderful celebration of friends for Isaiah's birthday. Sidney Kate even got to try Cheetos for the first time. Sorry Addie! :)

We then came home to find a package on our doorstep. I opened it up and saw it was from Silver Dollar City, which we had visited a week and a half ago. I wasn't expecting a package so when I opened it up it took my breath away. I had totally forgotten that we had gone to the blacksmith store at SDC and ordered a plaque for Isaiah to be displayed outside by our pool near the waterfall since Isaiah loved water so much. They told us at the store that it would be 5 weeks before we received the plaque. How totally ironic that we received it TODAY on Isaiah's birthday.

Much love,
Lee Anne


Katie Nash said...

What a special way to honor Isaiah - Happy Birthday in heaven sweet Isaiah! Much love, Katie, John and Roman

Leslie said...

Oh that is so awesome! Love to you on this special day... Happy Birthday Isaiah... I believe heaven is celebrating him now :)

the sharpes said...

sounds like you all had a special day! we've been thinking about you all and praying! happy birthday to Isaiah!