Monday, June 14, 2010

New Things....

This week was a hard but good week for all of us here at the Stone house trying to adjust back to "normal" life. Jackson has decided that he likes to do lots of new things, I have highlighted the new things with taking pictures just so you can get the full idea.

First new thing...Jackson is in full on big boy underwear! We have an official potty trained little boy. He is so proud and will announce to anyone at anytime, anywhere that he has "pee peed" or "pooped" in the potty. Yesterday he announced it to the entire Charleston's restaraunt after church. He also likes to call and leave voicemails to people telling him about his poops. If you are on the receiving end of one of these voicemails, I apologize in advance.

Second new thing...Jackson likes to exercise. This morning with the torrential rains that hit Oklahoma, I decided that we really shouldn't get out. So, I turned on a Jillian Michaels exercise show to break a sweat. Jackson decided to join in. He is now on his 3rd 30 minute show and hasn't stopped yet. I, stopped after the first one. The pictures are of him that I took this morning while he was doing jumping jacks. Please excuse my unmade bed.

Third thing is....Jackson likes to take pictures with our camera. I downloaded a picture he took of me. I am impressed because its the first picture he has taken that his little fingers haven't been covering the flash.

Lastly, Jackson and I planted tomato plants about a month ago....They were freakishly growing wild so Renzi went to Lowes yesterday and got me some tomato wires...I have some fabulously green tomatoes and I am sooo excited!

It's good to be home and like I said before we are trying to get back to some sense of normalcy. One funny thing that happened this week was on Wednesday. Jackson had been to Mothers Day Out already on Monday and we were late getting there. Then we were late getting there on Wednesday. I started laughing on the way out because I used to blame our lateness on Isaiah. Turns out, I should have just been blaming myself. It's totally me that makes us late! I am such a dilly dallier and get distracted easily. And I have unrealistic expectations on time frames. Like, I think it takes me 15 minutes to get myself ready and Jackson ready for school, get us both in the car with all of our stuff, drive to school and walk in. Yeah right!

Tomorrow is what would have been Isaiah's first birthday. I know it is going to be a hard day for us. We are actually going to have Isaiah's internment tomorrow evening in the columbarium at St. Luke's. It is just going to be Renzi and I and Rev. Phil Greenwood from our church. I didn't want to make a huge deal out of it and wanted to keep it private because I don't want to have to worry about other people and if they are ok or not during the small ceremony. We are going at sunset tomorrow to place his ashes and urn in his spot in the columbarium. We will get to place a few items in his space as well so I am going to work on a couple of thins to put in there this afternoon. We will say a prayer and spend some time with our baby. Then, Renzi and I are going out for a nice dinner with some nice wine to toast Isaiah on his birthday.

I will post pictures of Isaiah's resting place tomorrow. It's an amazing place and I am so happy that he will forever rest at our church. It's a wonderfully peaceful place and we can go and visit him anytime. Ironically, Renzi and I just purchased a building downtown where his new OKC offices will be and you literally can see the columbarium wall from the front of his office building. It's comforting to me knowing that Isaiah's daddy can keep an eye on him (and vice versa!) during the day.

Much love and blessings to you all and thank you for keeping us in your prayers!
Lee Anne

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Katie Nash said...

Way to go Jackson with the big boys undies :) He is an inspiration to all of us...3 Jillian Michaels workout tapes is no small feat :) We know tomorrow will be hard so at sunset we will say an extra prayer and blow kisses to heaven and wish Isaiah a peacefully, happy birthday. love to you guys....Katie, John and Roman